Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thrifting Is An Art

Thrifting is an art- one I still have not quite mastered. I'm working at it though! Fortunately, one of the many thrift stores in my area has a ton of specials. Every day and night different items of clothing are on sale. Wednesday nights are ladies' tops $1. Any woman's top. Any. I hadn't hit up this particular store in a while so I wasn't sure what to expect. I have learned to try on everything and anything that even remotely catches your eye. Lug in all into that dressing room and work it out.
Now I present to you my very first dressing room photo! Exciting! (Of course it's not in Anthropologie or another glamourous place, it's in my local, smelly thrift store.)
Don't get too excited though, these clothes were not thrifted (I wish.)

I ended up trying on about 20 things and walked out with 4 tops. The ratio of tops to bottoms in my wardrobe is pretty off kilter, so lately I have been trying to branch out and get things I wouldn't normally gravitate to, especially tops. All of them are great for fall and some were brands I had actually heard of. I even found a Converse (target) button up navy top that looked brand new. Score! Finding deals is exhilarating, no?
After my very successful shopping trip I headed over to a nearby restaurant for some grub. This place has Chilean food and it is so good! They bring you little biscuit rolls that are warm and yummy served with butter, onions, herbs, and oil. They are pretty much all you need to eat here. I could make a meal outta those little guys alone.

The main dish was theis hodgepodge of everything under the sun. Greens, rice, picked onions- which I now know I LOVE- peppers, green beans, black beans, cheese, more veggies and this aweseome crispy pork that was so tender and delicious. I took half home, and for dinner the next night mixed in some lettuce, tomatoes, and dressing for a very tasty round two salad.
Here's me rocking a very meager side braid...I'm surprised it even stayed in!


  1. I love a good deal and wish I could find a nice thrif store around here!

  2. $1 tops - excellent! I'd love to check out that store. I bet there's some great DIY projects in there!

  3. @casey= I know, a good one is hard to find... I seem to find more if i spread out the time between visits.

    @mary ann- I wish my skills were not as limited, but I love a good bargain!