Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Weekend- First Rain

Hi everyone!
As you can guess from the title, it rained here! For the first time since May. I thought I had more time to get my windshield wipers fixed, but I guess I better get on that! (Procrastination is a problem for me.) The smell of rain on asphalt is intoxicating, especially when the asphalt is surrounded with pine trees. I stood in the rain for a good five minutes just taking in the scent. Nothing beats it...that's why the first rain of the season is a big deal around my house.

My weekend was spent at the park, reading, and relaxing. I only ended up having to work one day instead of both. The weather was a little funky, kind of cloudy and overcast but sill hot and muggy. The rain shower helped though!

My town had a civil war reenactment. Kind of like this:

(From Sweet Home Alabama)

There were people walking around the park in traditional outfits from that era and they had two cannon and gun battles. It was pretty neat. Those cannons are loud. I was next to a car that had its alarm keep going off. Over and over. That was kind of annoying, but the sound did get drowned out by all the booming.
I also have to share the new T Shirt my mom got me at the converse store:
I have pretty much always been obsessed with cons, but now the obsession is transitioning into clothing and not just footwear. Thanks, mom!
Wish I could wear it everyday!

What I wore on Sunday: loft top, anthro skirt, steve madden wedges

Hubby's out of town again for work, so I have a few days to myself around here to do all the chores I neglected over the weekend. (Those dishes aren't going to wash themselves, even though I wish they would!) Last night he came home with a bottle of wine, homegrown corn, and 2 ribeye steaks. It was a heavenly combination (especially with horseradish and A1.) I don't eat steak that often, but when I do I sure enjoy it! Should be a pretty low key week for me, working, running errands, the usual. More posts to come!


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