Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Weekend- Nerds Unite

Above: Another day at the lake= good times
Below: OOTD- stripes, flowers, and jewels

Now here is one of the more exciting things I have done in my life...does the picture below ring any bells or look familiar?? It will if you google image SKYWALKER RANCH!!! That's right everyone, I went to THE skywalker ranch. They don't give tours or anything so all you can really do is go up to the gate, take a moment of silence and then leave. But it was seriously worth it. Come on Star Wars nerds, who's with me? So happy I got to see this!!

I consider myself a Fro yo expert and this from Yogen Fruz is some of the best I have ever had. Vanilla chai with almonds. Has anyone else gone to Yogen Fruz? Don't let the goofy name fool you- it is awesome!
Since I am hair braiding challenged, whenever my sister- in- law is around I take full advantage of her nimble hands.

Some of the best strawberries I have ever had the pleasure of tasting.
Panini with chicken, cheese, roasted red and yellow peppers and fresh herbs.
More cheese! Wrapping each little wheel...
...and labeling.

More fro yo- coffee chip with chocolate nubs...SO GOOD!

And my personal hair braider got blackberry cheesecake with graham crackers

Another first try for me was FIVE GUYS. I have heard raves about it and I think I found my new fave burger place.
I know this next statement makes me a traitor to my state, but...I don't like In N Out. I just don't think their food is that good. Everyone I know is OBSESSED, but I'm not a fan. I have eaten there many times, fries animal style is probably my most frequent order, and I like the shakes ok, but I am just not an IN N OUT girl. There I said it. I feel so much better now. Like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I finally shared my most shameful secret and I'm still standing. How liberating! Everyone I've heard talking about it compares the two but to me, Five Guys was a million times better. The toppings alone are worth going for. And the Cajun fries were so tasty! New customer for life!


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