Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Weekend- One Shoe Show

I basically wore these same shoes with every outfit this weekend...I think I changed shoes twice- once because I wanted a tan shoe, and once because I didn't want to wear them outside picking up dog poop. Flip flops did the trick for that. Technically, it was a two shoe show because I, like most people, wear shoes in pairs...

My weekend was full of good food, time with the fam, yard sales, and beautiful weather. Alas, some chores still remain undone (does the kitchen ever stay clean for longer then, like, a minute?) but I figure I will have plenty of time for housework when I am snowed in for weeks at a time in the next few months.

So, back to the shoes... I love these Steve Maddens I picked up on a trip last summer. They were super reduced, the last pair and 1/2 size smaller than I usually wear. By some miracle, they fit. I don't know how it happened, but they're comfy, give me extra height and go with pretty much anything. These babies get a gold star for being my go to shoe of the last three days. I don't play favorites, but they really had my back!

What was actually on my back: thrifted button up for one dollah! That's right - $1.
It's all about the bargains, baby!

In other good date night with hubby actually happened! I'm still kind of shocked- there are usually so many things that get in the way. The restaurant was casual, but I wanted to wear something a tad more dressy than jeans and a tee (although I wear that quite often too.) This denim skirt was perfect and I hadn't worn it in a while so I think she was glad to get some fresh air. Yes, SHE. Here I am drinking champagne pre-date and chilling outside before we left. I like to get ready with a drink in my hand (only if I am NOT driving at any point! I hate to state the obvious, but I need to put that discaimer out there.)
Bottoms up!
This appetizer was amazingly good- Whiskey flambeed prawns in a hollowed out potato pot with white cheddar bisque dipping sauce, served with fresh arugula and lemon.
Main course: Pizza with chicken , roasted garlic cloves, goat cheese , rosemary and potatoes...I know- potatoes on a pizza, crazy right? It was so good- I'm doing this from now on!

The restaurant has an outdoor area where you can play bocce ball any time day or night. So fun but a wee bit tricky- especially after some champagne.

After a few games (in the dark without my glasses - not smart) we had a drink at the bar before calling it a night. And by calling it a night i mean drinking more at home. Forget the glass - time for the bottle!My Sunday outfit:
Plaid dress with nude heels- almost too cold to wear this sadly. I just realized it is strikingly similar to the dress I wore last Sunday...I promise I do own different dress styles!
The Deets:
F21 sideways rose necklace

Nude gladiator wedges- surprisingly comfortable

And for later that evening:
If you are trying to ease into keeping your legs warm without actually wearing pants...a maxi skirt is the perfect compromise. (I put off wearing pants on a regular basis as long as I possibly can. Unless we're talking about sweat pants. That's a different thing all together.)

Went to my brother and sister- in-law's anniversary party. We had freshly made crepes with whipped cream and chocolate for dessert...

And we attempted to make fried Oreos for the first time. They turned out so good we experimented with a few other household items: Snickers, crepes, strawberries and even pizza. The Oreos were definitely the best!

I Hope everyone had a great weekend! Until tomorrow!


  1. Darling as always! I wouldn't be able to wear all your fun shoes, though. :( Husband is just an inch taller than me.

  2. Um, no way my weekend looked as good as yours. first off, rockin shoes and secondly every single food photo made my mouth water. that pizza looks to DIE for... adorable blog!!

  3. Your date-night dinner looks delicious! I've never tried the fried oreos but I've seen them at festivals, haha.

  4. @casey - i know a lot of people that have that least there are a lot of cute flats out there these days!

    @we can pretend- haha-thank you so much, I appreciate it.

    @mary ann- yes, the idea was definitely pilfered from many a state fair! they are pretty easy to make at home...just dunk in pancake batter and deep fry in vegetable or canola oil using tongs to flip halfway through, then sprinkle with powdered sugar. The cookie gets all soft and warm, delish- you should try!

    thank you all for commenting!

  5. Wow, you just brought me back to my childhood back home in the Phil. I remember buying these from street vendors after school on our way home. Thanks for the fond memories and the recipe.For more info visit here.