Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Behold... the Shirt Skirt!

I was reading THE LITTLE THINGS WE DO and saw this awesome link for a DIY on how to turn a men's dress shirt into a women's skirt. I thought this was such a great idea, I immediately ran into the other MR's closet to see what I could pilfer since he was out of town. I "tried on" a few options just to get an idea of how the whole thing would work. While I almost took the scissors to a crisp black number, I decided I had better check with hubby first, lest I chop into his favorite or nicest shirt. Since I couldn't wait for him to get home, I did the next best thing and headed for the nearest thrift store. I found a few tops I liked that easily could have worked, but in the end I found this awesome, like new men's shirt originally from Target for $3. The original link says not to use stripes, but I did not have a problem with them. I like the look of a plain color, but I wanted something a little more exciting, so the fall color stripes were perfect for me (and not see through like a lot of the solid color ones I encountered.) I made the How-to even easier ( if that's possible) and managed to not sew a thing. I basically cut the collar out and then tied the arms around my waist. I still need to modify it a little to cut down on bunching, but it worked out really well. No one could believe it was a men's dress shirt. I will definitely try this again, especially if I find a great deal on another patterned or nicely colored top.
Another suggestion was to change out the buttons, which I also think would be really cute. So...what do you think?


    love it! great DIY!


  2. You are seriously awesome. I wouldn't know where to start on how to create it!

  3. @mr kane- thanks!~

    @casey- haha thanks- it was actually pretty easier- trust me , my skills are limited!