Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I also used this last weekend as a chance to pack for an upcoming trip. My fam and I are headed to Alaska! Since we're in northern Cali we are heading up through Oregon (with stops in Ashland and Portland), Washington (stops in Seattle), and stops in Canada before spending time in Alaska. I have been before, but the last time was when I was eight and my parents stuffed four kids into a motor home for a month a DROVE to Alaska. I don't remember much (could be because of my age- could be because of trauma causing me to block out memories of this vacation.) I am looking forward to relaxing, sight seeing, reading and being with my family. Especially my sister who lives in SCOTLAND and is flying in for the trip plus an extra week afterward. This trip has been the hardest to pack for. The weather in Oregon and Seattle is warm and sunny. The weather in Alaska is cold and rainy. Add onto that formal nights and nice dinners on the cruise we're taking and I was at a total loss for what to bring. I finally forced myself to FOCUS and was able to pack what I hope will be the perfect mix of warm and cold clothes. I guess we'll see how that works out. I definitely had to adjust from the warm weather vacations I'm used to. Less minis and open toe wedges, more cardis and tights. I'm sure I will end up with a ton of stuff I don't need and stuff I wish I had thought to bring. Isn't that every trip though?

My Weekend

I'm realizing that my weekends are either all or nothing. Option A is go, go, go never having a second to breathe, running around and getting no sleep. Option B is literally not leaving the house for 48+ hours. Since the last few have been option A, this past weekend was definitely a B. Saturday was one of those days that baking was a-calling. Since it was too hot to actually turn on the oven, I thought of the perfect comprimise: a relatively low heat for a relatively short time and then into the frig....Rice crispie treats!!!! For me, it's all about the marshmallow and I like em extra gooey. So I use the standard recipe but double the butter, double the marshmallows and reduce the cereal by one cup. Hey, you say gross, but it is so GOOD! I then do half straight up original and half sprinkled with extra mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and anything else I have on hand that sounds good.

The next day cooled down a bit so I decided to actually bake. I made these lovely babies... the recipe can be found on the peanut butter chip bag. I bought the stuff for major baking a while ago and never got around to it. This last weekend was the perfect chance to make a dent in my hoard of baking supplies and munch on goodies.

OOTD- Midsummer Night

Some nights the easiest thing to wear is a sweet, comfy summer dress and a great pair of shoes with a pop of color. This outfit was so easy to throw on- I'm sure I'll be repeating it before the summer is over! Dress: H&M Shoes: Steve Madden

Product Review- Garnier Pure Clean

I can't be the only one who loves when their shampoo and conditioner runs out so they can go to the nearest drug store, browse the rack of .99$ and up hair products and carefully choose what their hair will smell like for the next few months. It is a very important decision and instead of sticking to one brand and type forever- i like to change it up. For me it's all about the conditioner and the scent. To put the Billy Madison debate to rest forever...conditioner IS better and it DOES leave the hair silky and smooth. I had read in one of my magazines that this new set from Garnier was awesome for being mostly biodegradable and leaving your hair free of residue. After using this for a few weeks I learned something new and interesting about myself. I like residue. Maybe it's just me, maybe it's my particular hair type...but this did not leave my locks feeling soft or conditioned in the least. Now this was just my experience with my hair. YOU might like it. I don't think it's worth using for anyone with thick or coarse strands. For me, it just didn't get the job done. So now I'm stuck with the family size. I usually use the least amount of product I can- just enough to barely cover my head. But I'm so desperate to get rid of this stuff so I can move on to bigger and better things I am squeezing more than the size of a quarter. that's for sure. I also hate it when my husband sneaks my stuff ( he loves Pantene) but I'm actually encouraging him to use as much as he wants ( use it as body wash for all I care.) I just can't ditch it until it's gone. Yes, there is decorum in my home, even in my shower.


AS I alluded to earlier- a few weeks ago I happen to end up in the Dr's office twice in one week- both times with no appointment. Fortunately, I happened to have this bad boy in my bag to make the ordeal a little more bearable. Wasn't sure if I would be able to get into this - with so many celebrity books on the market, one never knows which are worth reading and which ones....let's just say are not worth reading. I was pleasantly surprised with the gems in this little number. I actually lol'd a few times, even with a bunch of sick and ailing strangers around me. SIDE NOTE: Ms Fey herself does the reading for the audio book....would be a good one to listen to in the car on a summer road trip!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Urban Outfitters Order

Since urban outfitters had a special of free shipping over $50 I decided to order a few simple things that hopefully I will be able to wear the rest of the summer...I have been wanting a high/low skirt, dress anything and almost ordered one from Free People...but since it didn't get great reviews I couldn't pull the trigger. Then i found this cream lightweight beauty on sale for $20 and thought it would be perfect for everyday outfits, would go with anything, and I could wear into the shopping cart that went. I did not plan on buying anymore sunglasses this season- although in the back of my mind I did kind of want a white pair since i stepped on my old once two summers ago and had never replaced them. I saw these adorable heart shaped glasses and they just called to me, I love funky and fun and $14 is too good to pass up. The last item I ordered is the bow back dress. I have seen this before and thought it was cute, but not for me. Now that it is on sale and I was trying to make $50 I decided to give it a try. I like the shape and colors and the fact that it looks like you can still wear a bra even with the cutout. The chances of this actually fitting and looking good on me are pretty slim- but i felt like taking that gamble. Here's hoping!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Kardashians- Recap

So obviously everyone knows how fake this show is and last night's episode was no exception. The highlight for me was those nifty fitted denim jackets 2 of the 3 sisters were inspired me to drag my gap jean jacket out of the coat closet that's for sure. The editing on this show is so choppy and inconsisitent, i have noticed two MAJOR editing mistakes this season while i still do continue to watch this show- i take everything I see and hear with a grain of salt. Last night's episode was pretty boring- Bruce has hearing problems and Rob is a deadbeat... no new news there.
Smartest moment: pairing a tight jean jacket with a maxi dress
Dumbest moment: Bruce actually telling Uber control freak / neurotic Kris that he basically chooses to ignore her 99% of the time they are around each other...good going, Bruce...when that whole conversation went down I literally put my fingers in my own ears to prepare for Kris' reaction... Yikes! Spare us Please!!

WWHL Recap

So directly after the new episode of Jersey housewives, Melissa and Joe Gorga both made an appearance on WWHL. I am so glad they addressed the way Andy was saying GUIDICE...was that bothering anyone else or just me? The explanation was a little weak (why the sudden change Joe and Theresa) but at least they said something about it. If you did not watch this episode seriously you need to find it online or on Bravo again...DVR it - you won't be sorry. This is a totally different side of these two that make them appear to be ...actually LIKEABLE... I know shocker!!! We all know from the show they like to have a good time but the dare or dare game took it to a whole new level...and may I say- Joe's Kim Zolciak impression is scarily accurate!! HIlarious, but creepy at the same time. Nice to see the Gorgas just chillaxin with Andy and getting crazy!! i'd invite them to one of my parties! Or maybe they could host- I ain't got no 50 G's....
Smartest Moment: the Gorgas actually making me want to hang out with them.
Dumbest Moment: Andy was giddy as a school boy around Joe...I thought his eyes were gonna pop out of his head.

RHNJ Recap

Last night we were treated to another fantastic trainwreck on Real Housewives of New Joisy. Does anyone else find it strange to be watching holiday festivities in JULY? Does it really take 7 months to edit these shows? NO wonder none of the castmates can comment on what we're seeing since they obviously don't remember back that far. Until this point in the saga, I was mostly Team Theresa even though I think she is absolutely crazy and her husband seems like the biggest sleeze ball in the tri state area...I guess it's just my loyalty to veteran cast memebers over the newbies. However, last night's episode was kind of a turning point for me. I think we can all agree that both Melissa and Theresa give and get well enough. Granted, it is hard to blend families whether they be big, small, male family members, female family can be really difficult to not only get along but have a good relationship, especially when children come into the picture. This whole Gorga/ Guidice thing has probably been a hot mess for a while before the cameras put a spotlight in everyone's face. I could not believe that Kim G would bring Monica to the party...there's no way she didn't know that was gonna bring the drama. I really think she is trying for as much screen time as possible, which is sad. But I give props to Melissa for being willing to ask her to leave. That obviously was an uncomfortable and akwawrd thing to do, but she completely had theresa's back and showed that she can be a loyal and good friend. I admire people who can put issues aside when family needs you to have their back. This whole party- not to mention the sheer expense (50,000K are u KIDDING me)- was kind of a disaster waiting to happen... you have Theresa with that fake smile plastered on her face all night, tension with melissa, tension with Kathy, tension with Kim G, tension with Monica...WOW. Scary place especailly with alcohol mixed in. And next week;s episode looks ca RA zY! manzo boys kicking people out, Kim G causing more trouble...last night wsas just the tip of the drama iceberg.
Smartest moment: Melissa asking Monica to leave- classy move in my book ( even if she did have ulterior motives of not wanting a war to errupt in her home while she was wearing white)
Dumbest moment: whoever asked JOe Guidice for $1,000...did you really think that was gonna go over well???? come on now.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Weekend

This weekend was a vast improvement over last weekend which started out good, but ended up with me rushing to the doctor's office and missing a wedding because of an allergic reaction!! (Don't ask) Needless to say, it was not fun! This weekend there was a music festival in town Thursday through Sunday that I went to and worked at. There was food, music, and a ton of drunk people "dancing." I stayed until closing on Friday, had Saturday off, and then went back on Sunday to spend some of the money I had just earned. My Hubby was out of town and we were reunited on Sat which we spent at brunch and window shopping. The weather was perfect- not too hot and not too cold. (It is actually unseasonably cold for this time of year...I probably should be worried about global warming, but instead I'm just enjoying these cool summer nights.)
Things I love: hot chocolate, music, and good food! I got a henna tattoo at the festival that ended up looking a little odd- but at least it only cost me $5. I love the hair flair I got...sparklies tied onto a single strand of hair to add shimmer to your face.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


HI Everyone! I am so thrilled to start sharing everything that's on my mind with you- everything from book and or movie reviews, my obsession with reality TV and even the day to day of my life! I hope you will find something worth reading!