Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Weekend

This weekend was a vast improvement over last weekend which started out good, but ended up with me rushing to the doctor's office and missing a wedding because of an allergic reaction!! (Don't ask) Needless to say, it was not fun! This weekend there was a music festival in town Thursday through Sunday that I went to and worked at. There was food, music, and a ton of drunk people "dancing." I stayed until closing on Friday, had Saturday off, and then went back on Sunday to spend some of the money I had just earned. My Hubby was out of town and we were reunited on Sat which we spent at brunch and window shopping. The weather was perfect- not too hot and not too cold. (It is actually unseasonably cold for this time of year...I probably should be worried about global warming, but instead I'm just enjoying these cool summer nights.)
Things I love: hot chocolate, music, and good food! I got a henna tattoo at the festival that ended up looking a little odd- but at least it only cost me $5. I love the hair flair I got...sparklies tied onto a single strand of hair to add shimmer to your face.


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