Monday, July 18, 2011

RHNJ Recap

Last night we were treated to another fantastic trainwreck on Real Housewives of New Joisy. Does anyone else find it strange to be watching holiday festivities in JULY? Does it really take 7 months to edit these shows? NO wonder none of the castmates can comment on what we're seeing since they obviously don't remember back that far. Until this point in the saga, I was mostly Team Theresa even though I think she is absolutely crazy and her husband seems like the biggest sleeze ball in the tri state area...I guess it's just my loyalty to veteran cast memebers over the newbies. However, last night's episode was kind of a turning point for me. I think we can all agree that both Melissa and Theresa give and get well enough. Granted, it is hard to blend families whether they be big, small, male family members, female family can be really difficult to not only get along but have a good relationship, especially when children come into the picture. This whole Gorga/ Guidice thing has probably been a hot mess for a while before the cameras put a spotlight in everyone's face. I could not believe that Kim G would bring Monica to the party...there's no way she didn't know that was gonna bring the drama. I really think she is trying for as much screen time as possible, which is sad. But I give props to Melissa for being willing to ask her to leave. That obviously was an uncomfortable and akwawrd thing to do, but she completely had theresa's back and showed that she can be a loyal and good friend. I admire people who can put issues aside when family needs you to have their back. This whole party- not to mention the sheer expense (50,000K are u KIDDING me)- was kind of a disaster waiting to happen... you have Theresa with that fake smile plastered on her face all night, tension with melissa, tension with Kathy, tension with Kim G, tension with Monica...WOW. Scary place especailly with alcohol mixed in. And next week;s episode looks ca RA zY! manzo boys kicking people out, Kim G causing more trouble...last night wsas just the tip of the drama iceberg.
Smartest moment: Melissa asking Monica to leave- classy move in my book ( even if she did have ulterior motives of not wanting a war to errupt in her home while she was wearing white)
Dumbest moment: whoever asked JOe Guidice for $1,000...did you really think that was gonna go over well???? come on now.


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