Monday, July 18, 2011

WWHL Recap

So directly after the new episode of Jersey housewives, Melissa and Joe Gorga both made an appearance on WWHL. I am so glad they addressed the way Andy was saying GUIDICE...was that bothering anyone else or just me? The explanation was a little weak (why the sudden change Joe and Theresa) but at least they said something about it. If you did not watch this episode seriously you need to find it online or on Bravo again...DVR it - you won't be sorry. This is a totally different side of these two that make them appear to be ...actually LIKEABLE... I know shocker!!! We all know from the show they like to have a good time but the dare or dare game took it to a whole new level...and may I say- Joe's Kim Zolciak impression is scarily accurate!! HIlarious, but creepy at the same time. Nice to see the Gorgas just chillaxin with Andy and getting crazy!! i'd invite them to one of my parties! Or maybe they could host- I ain't got no 50 G's....
Smartest Moment: the Gorgas actually making me want to hang out with them.
Dumbest Moment: Andy was giddy as a school boy around Joe...I thought his eyes were gonna pop out of his head.


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