Monday, July 18, 2011

Kardashians- Recap

So obviously everyone knows how fake this show is and last night's episode was no exception. The highlight for me was those nifty fitted denim jackets 2 of the 3 sisters were inspired me to drag my gap jean jacket out of the coat closet that's for sure. The editing on this show is so choppy and inconsisitent, i have noticed two MAJOR editing mistakes this season while i still do continue to watch this show- i take everything I see and hear with a grain of salt. Last night's episode was pretty boring- Bruce has hearing problems and Rob is a deadbeat... no new news there.
Smartest moment: pairing a tight jean jacket with a maxi dress
Dumbest moment: Bruce actually telling Uber control freak / neurotic Kris that he basically chooses to ignore her 99% of the time they are around each other...good going, Bruce...when that whole conversation went down I literally put my fingers in my own ears to prepare for Kris' reaction... Yikes! Spare us Please!!


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