Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Weekend

I'm realizing that my weekends are either all or nothing. Option A is go, go, go never having a second to breathe, running around and getting no sleep. Option B is literally not leaving the house for 48+ hours. Since the last few have been option A, this past weekend was definitely a B. Saturday was one of those days that baking was a-calling. Since it was too hot to actually turn on the oven, I thought of the perfect comprimise: a relatively low heat for a relatively short time and then into the frig....Rice crispie treats!!!! For me, it's all about the marshmallow and I like em extra gooey. So I use the standard recipe but double the butter, double the marshmallows and reduce the cereal by one cup. Hey, you say gross, but it is so GOOD! I then do half straight up original and half sprinkled with extra mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and anything else I have on hand that sounds good.

The next day cooled down a bit so I decided to actually bake. I made these lovely babies... the recipe can be found on the peanut butter chip bag. I bought the stuff for major baking a while ago and never got around to it. This last weekend was the perfect chance to make a dent in my hoard of baking supplies and munch on goodies.


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