Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fashion Friday- Recent Celeb Ensembles

Hi, everyone!

I hope you all have a great weekend.

I need to go grocery shopping and take advantage of all the super low champagne prices.

It IS my Favorite drink- might as well stock up!

I hate to start this post on a downer, but seriously...Fashion fail.

Sorry, Paula. Hire a stylist. (or fire your current one!)

This look on the other hand, is flawless from head to toe!

I love the red detailing here- it's different and fun.

Ladylike black and tan lace paired with super hip neon yellow heels takes this from matronly to edgy.

My girl, Zooey...does she ever look bad?
I also love this bag- I need to find an inexpensive alternative in either this hot pink or yellow.

Body after baby- she looks great and stylish!
And finally, Giuliana is back to work after her surgery. Courage and confidence are always a good look.

OOTD- Starry Starry

I am OBSESSED with stars!


I love the shape, all different sizes, all different colors.

I am so glad they have popped up everywhere this season because I cannot get enough.

I also couldn't wait to break out my new glittified heels...they held up pretty well!

Glitter AND stars...I am one happy girl!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DIY- Glitter Shoes!

Did anyone else notice the moon tonight?

It was Ca- Razy cool looking! Check it out tomorrow night if you can!

I wanted to share the latest of my DIY adventures with you!

My S-I-L (the go to baker, knitter, hair braider, sewer, overall domestic diva) and I decided to get together and indulge in one of our all time favorite things: GLITTER.

I am OBSESSED with the stuff!

We had both seen a few tutorials about glitterfying old/ damaged or just cute shoes in need of a little extra umph.

I used this, this, and this as inspiration.

It actually turned out to be pretty easy and I LOVE the finished product.

First, scour thrift stores, sales, or your own closet for any flat, heel, or boot that can be completely covered or just accented in whatever color glitter you desire.

(For glitter accents, tape off the parts you don't want covered. Use masking tape or painters tape.)

Then mix glue (we used ModgePodge) with a LOT of glitter. Put in a ton and then add some more. Mix together until you can't tell where the glitter stops and the glue starts and then add even more. Seriously, use a lot. The more the better, I found.

After that, paint on a few coats letting dry in between coats. Make sure to get an even coverage.

You can either stop here or when the last coat is dry put more plain glue and then sprinkle loose glitter over it. There's a few different ways to do it, and I've seen good results with lots of different methods.

It's seriously fun and addictive! I'm hopefully going back for round two with some CONS.
I need some red sparkly sneakers in my life.

S-I-L's custom blend of purple & gold Martha Stewart glitters. That lady really knows her stuff!
Mixing together- put the glue in first.

Use an old tablecloth you don't care about

Start painting! The before flats:

The after: Adorable!

So much glitter so little time

Mixing a blend of silver & gold- mostly gold- for my bootsTaped off the back section and two toe caps. Def needed help for this part- straight lines are not my forte

Here they are all done and dry. Aren't they cool?!

Here's our table of fun. I also did a pair of plain black pumps that got a glittery blue sole and S-I-L did a pair of black peep toes she accented the front and heel with a black glitter. Both of her pairs turned out so good!

OOTD pics with my snazzy new kicks to follow!

Monday, December 26, 2011

My Weekend- To the Movies

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I ventured out to one of my favorite places, the movie theater.

I was a little disappointed in the lack of selection of movies playing.

Usually there's always so many movies I want to see I can't decide which one.

Sadly, that wasn't really the case, but I picked the new Sherlock Holmes movie to fill my afternoon up with.

It was pretty good- except for a few parts when I had to close my eyes!

I thought it was a lot better than the first one- but I HATED the first one and covered my eyes at MANY parts on that one. ( I am a total wuss when it comes to anything gory or violent.)

That's why THIS is an ABSOLUTE MUST!


I am venturing into the land of the boot tuck and I so far I like it! It's so hard to not get knee bunching though!

I couldn't wait to bust out this new coat from Old Navy I got on super sale, but I didn't really need it. It has been pretty cold the last week, but today was pretty warm.

I might have been accused of owning too much plaid (by a certain person who shall remain nameless that I may or may not be married to ) but Is there such a thing as too much plaid? I love it- especially on coats!

Pained expression... not sure why!
I also spent some time this weekend with Midnight In Paris. I had seen it before but couldn't really concentrate at the time and have been wanting to re-watch it for a while.

Just as good the second time!

Can't wait to see if it snags any awards this year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

OOTD- Night Sky

I love how in the winter/ colder months it's so easy to grab a snazzy dress, add pretty much any tights, almost any shoes, and your outfit is complete.

I also LOVE polka dots.

Black dots on a dark red background is even better in my book.

Unfortunately, I did not have my stuff together enough to take photos before the sun went down.

I took some inside but they were just *meh*.

Here's just the dress:

With a cardi:

With my new fave moto jacket...I got this for $15 from Target during the Black Friday sales.
It goes with everything, is SUPER soft for fake leather, and makes me feel tough.

I got it in tan too! (For $15 I couldn't resist!)

And the shoes:

I was in a polka dotty type mood and this dress fit the bill perfectly.
I always need more polka dots in my life (and more red so double score!)
So after seeing how the inside pics turned out, I decided to take some outside even though it was freezing, pitch black, and I wasn't sure if the dark colors would even show up.

I got in my car, found a deserted road, pulled over, and was just fooling around snapping pics.

Then a song I really like came on the radio's what happened next:

After the spontaneous dance routine something REALLY neat happened...

I saw a shooting star!
It was so cool!
I always am a second too late and miss them when everyone else is seeing stars right and left. But I looked up at the sky saw the white shoot across the dark black and later I discovered I actually have a picture of the moment I saw it. It was (accidentally) forever captured:

Made my day!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's Catching My Eye- Urban Outfitters

I love Urban Outfitters for unique and sometimes out-there finds for your body or your home.

Check out these cool finds currently online:

Terrier lamp- Adorable!
These sleep masks are so darn cute and clever I would not be able to decide on a favorite. They all apply to me (especially when it comes to getting my sleep!!) there a theme here? How cool are these pillowcases? I can see myself cuddling up with these and hitting the snooze button one too many times!
Owl buddy
This takes the snuggie to a whole new level. So ugly it's cute? Or just ugly?

For the obsessed (like me!)

Love this infinity scarf

High Heel speakers- the shoe lover inside me really wants to take these home!
Love this studded letter tote- it's on sale too!
Have you bought anything from UO lately?