Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's Catching My Eye- Urban Outfitters

I love Urban Outfitters for unique and sometimes out-there finds for your body or your home.

Check out these cool finds currently online:

Terrier lamp- Adorable!
These sleep masks are so darn cute and clever I would not be able to decide on a favorite. They all apply to me (especially when it comes to getting my sleep!!)

Hmm...is there a theme here? How cool are these pillowcases? I can see myself cuddling up with these and hitting the snooze button one too many times!
Owl buddy
This takes the snuggie to a whole new level. So ugly it's cute? Or just ugly?

For the obsessed (like me!)

Love this infinity scarf

High Heel speakers- the shoe lover inside me really wants to take these home!
Love this studded letter tote- it's on sale too!
Have you bought anything from UO lately?


  1. I love those sleep masks!


  2. Super cute stuff!! I LOVE those heel speakers! lol

  3. I know aren't they cool?!?!

    Most of that stuff was on sale too!


  4. Nice picks! I like the pillows and the sleep masks! I need a new one, I hope those are comfortable.
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  5. @villy K- thanks! i think they are pretty soft- I'll let u know if I get one!