Wednesday, December 21, 2011

OOTD- Night Sky

I love how in the winter/ colder months it's so easy to grab a snazzy dress, add pretty much any tights, almost any shoes, and your outfit is complete.

I also LOVE polka dots.

Black dots on a dark red background is even better in my book.

Unfortunately, I did not have my stuff together enough to take photos before the sun went down.

I took some inside but they were just *meh*.

Here's just the dress:

With a cardi:

With my new fave moto jacket...I got this for $15 from Target during the Black Friday sales.
It goes with everything, is SUPER soft for fake leather, and makes me feel tough.

I got it in tan too! (For $15 I couldn't resist!)

And the shoes:

I was in a polka dotty type mood and this dress fit the bill perfectly.
I always need more polka dots in my life (and more red so double score!)
So after seeing how the inside pics turned out, I decided to take some outside even though it was freezing, pitch black, and I wasn't sure if the dark colors would even show up.

I got in my car, found a deserted road, pulled over, and was just fooling around snapping pics.

Then a song I really like came on the radio's what happened next:

After the spontaneous dance routine something REALLY neat happened...

I saw a shooting star!
It was so cool!
I always am a second too late and miss them when everyone else is seeing stars right and left. But I looked up at the sky saw the white shoot across the dark black and later I discovered I actually have a picture of the moment I saw it. It was (accidentally) forever captured:

Made my day!


  1. Aww you look awesome! Love the dance moves! ;)

  2. I love polka dots, too! Super cute. Love it with the cardi.

  3. @jessica- Thanks- haha- most of those moves are trying to stay warm!

    @casey- thanks! Very comfy too!