Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DIY- Glitter Shoes!

Did anyone else notice the moon tonight?

It was Ca- Razy cool looking! Check it out tomorrow night if you can!

I wanted to share the latest of my DIY adventures with you!

My S-I-L (the go to baker, knitter, hair braider, sewer, overall domestic diva) and I decided to get together and indulge in one of our all time favorite things: GLITTER.

I am OBSESSED with the stuff!

We had both seen a few tutorials about glitterfying old/ damaged or just cute shoes in need of a little extra umph.

I used this, this, and this as inspiration.

It actually turned out to be pretty easy and I LOVE the finished product.

First, scour thrift stores, sales, or your own closet for any flat, heel, or boot that can be completely covered or just accented in whatever color glitter you desire.

(For glitter accents, tape off the parts you don't want covered. Use masking tape or painters tape.)

Then mix glue (we used ModgePodge) with a LOT of glitter. Put in a ton and then add some more. Mix together until you can't tell where the glitter stops and the glue starts and then add even more. Seriously, use a lot. The more the better, I found.

After that, paint on a few coats letting dry in between coats. Make sure to get an even coverage.

You can either stop here or when the last coat is dry put more plain glue and then sprinkle loose glitter over it. There's a few different ways to do it, and I've seen good results with lots of different methods.

It's seriously fun and addictive! I'm hopefully going back for round two with some CONS.
I need some red sparkly sneakers in my life.

S-I-L's custom blend of purple & gold Martha Stewart glitters. That lady really knows her stuff!
Mixing together- put the glue in first.

Use an old tablecloth you don't care about

Start painting! The before flats:

The after: Adorable!

So much glitter so little time

Mixing a blend of silver & gold- mostly gold- for my bootsTaped off the back section and two toe caps. Def needed help for this part- straight lines are not my forte

Here they are all done and dry. Aren't they cool?!

Here's our table of fun. I also did a pair of plain black pumps that got a glittery blue sole and S-I-L did a pair of black peep toes she accented the front and heel with a black glitter. Both of her pairs turned out so good!

OOTD pics with my snazzy new kicks to follow!


  1. Such a cute idea! You did a great job. Let us know how your Cons turn out. I’d love to do mine!

  2. Love what you did! I've been seeing these glitter DIY all over pinterest lately and I'm really loving it. My favorite is the blue glitter heels (or underneath heels) lovely!


  3. @christina- thanks! I'm hoping to do the cons in a week or so and I will def post pics!

    @tiny dancer- i know, i had been seeing them everywhere and it inspired me! I like the heels too- check out my OOTD w/ them!

  4. wow, that glitter idea is genius! my favorite are your gold toe boots. :)

  5. THanks, @honeysuckle@ I have an OOTD coming up with those puppies!