Saturday, December 17, 2011

TV Talk- Fashion Shows...

No, not the kind with models strutting their stuff down a runway.

I'm talking about TV shows that revolve around all things fashion related.
Yay to finally getting caught up on my DVR!

First off:

The Rachael Zoe project

It seemed like a really short season, right? They had the baby and then the next episode was the season finale. Rachel seems really happy as a mom and it was neat to see that journey documented as well as the Oscars where long time client Anne Hathaway was hosting...MAJOR!

Rodger seems totally in love with the little guy too, but has another thing coming if he thinks he's going to have any say in what that kid wears. Which brings me to possibly my favorite sound bite of the season: "It's not girlie , it's French. There's a difference." Rodger was complaining about some of the baby's outfit options being a tad effeminate and that's what Rachel comes back with. Give it up, buddy. She's a stylist. She probably has his every outfit from birth to 18 already planned out, photographed and ready to be archived. You don't stand a chance on the clotting department. Just give it up now!

I couldn't believe they hired Jeremiah back. It was kind of leading up to that, but after the 8 store- in- store deal he kind of proved himself to be invaluable.

The speeches at the BBQ were so touching. I know I cry at everything, but watching them both tear up about how happy they are was pretty emotional. Especially since they are considering having another baby? Shut the front door! The first one's only like a day old, Jeez!!

Side note: Has any googled Rachel's salami recipe yet- I'm disgusted and intrigued at the same time.

Second side note: Was any one else freaking out about the promo they showed for Brad's new spin off show, also to air on BRAVO? What What? Rachel's former employee/ friend/protegee turned (alleged) backstabber/ fame hungry/ enemy now has his own show coming soon! Crazy! bet R and R aren't too happy about that one! Why didn't Taylor get her own show? Curious!

Project Runway:

I was so disappointed in the entire season this year. It started out promising- that bird seed dress was amazing!- to mediocre- to down right awful - that dressing the band clothes were horrific!! and the finale was so anticlimactic to me. It was pretty clear Anya was going to win no matter what just because Heidi loved her, but come on....her collection was such a snooze fest, there was no variety, and her dresses showed no real technique or skill.

There was not one piece in that whole finale that wowed me ... and those green neoprene shorts? Nina actually defended them! She was not thinking clearly that night! The next season full of all-stars better bring it or I'm auf'ing one of my formally fave shows to the bottom of the prioritizer.

Bravo also has some new shows:

Mad fashion with Chris March known for using real human hair in his designs and being let go a Project Runway a few years ago. That's how his show reads: like a shortened Project Runway for pseudo celebrities and outrageous costumes. I was excited about this show, but now that I've seen it I would say it is OK, not great.

But I am OBSESSED with FASHION HUNTERS! This show is so GOOD!

It's like the "Pawn Stars" of fashion. It follows the consignment store Second Time Around in NYC. They sell vintage and contemporary designer clothes and shoes. (Louboutins run about 3-4 hundred dollars and usually sell the day they hit the shelf.)

This show is addicting! I love the random pieces people bring in but the real magic happens went they visit a client and get to see amazing designer duds in their natural habitat!
I hope this show gets a second season- I could watch it all day long.

P.S. New Girl is growing on me. I actually laughed out loud (lol!) a few times. She is still a little over the top though. But I guess it's working, because Zooey just got nominated for a Golden Globe!

AH, I love this time of year...AWARD season is on its way!!


  1. I gave up on Project Runway about five episodes in. I just couldn't get into it. I'm so excited for Brad's show!

  2. @Christina-- glad i'm not the only one.

    Are u gonna watch all stars??

    Cant wait for BRAD BRAD WORLD either- i hope it's good!