Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Miss Universe & Missoni for Target

Do not read this if you do not know who won the Miss Universe Pageant and you don't want to find out.

Of all the major pageants -USA, America, Universe- Miss Universe is the best. It's always in some cool location and with 89 women from all over the world it's the most diverse and exciting, in my opinion. You know after watching 10 or 20 of the opening lines you wanna grab your hair straightener and scream out your name, age, and country of origin. I was doing this all night long. I say mine with an accent: PWWWEEERRRTO REEEEECCCOO ... even though I speak absolutely no Spanish. It's funner that way. (Yes, I know funner isn't a word, but I say it anyway. And to answer your other question, yes my dad is 100% full Puerto Rican and my grandparents were born there.) While I love the show and I never miss a year, it's 2 hours of television I watch in about 20 minutes. There is a lot of filler and unnecessary product promotion that I zoom through. The best part is obviously the evening gowns and
The. Final. Question.

In regards to the evening gowns, it was like sheer, see through bottom city. Quite a few of the ladies had their legs completely out there. I was kind of disappointed overall in the looks.
I thought Costa Rica had the best dress:
I also liked China:

and Ukraine

The judges are always a random mix, but didn't Connie Chung look great? I couldn't find a picture of her but she looked really good.

Now, not to toot my own horn, but I had Angola as one of my top picks from the very beginning. (This ain't my first rodeo people.) She was so pretty! Then in the evening gown portion, while I didn't particularly care for her choice of gown, the color looked beautiful on her. And do you know how hard it is to walk down stairs without looking at them, in 5 inch heels wearing a dress so tight you can't breathe? That takes skillz, yo. During the final question she was so charming even though I couldn't understand anything she was saying, I was mesmerized by her smile. So, Congrats, Angola!

Now moving on to the Missoni for Target collection. I have been checking online ever since midnight and nothing. Even the ad says it will be available bright and early on the 13th. They usually do have their Go International collections available at midnight, so what gives? It's now 12:41. I'm waiting 20 more minutes before calling it a night and trying to wake up early-ish to check it out tomorrow. Hopefully, there will still be something left. Hey, I'm not picky... I would be happy with a single place mat. As long as it's a pretty one.
Goodnight, everyone!


  1. Ukraine's dress is beautiful! :)

  2. @Stella

    yeah - it was def a standout of the night!
    thank you for reading!