Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"I'm Not Gonna Lie- This Really Excites Me"

Hi, everyone! I'm back from my quick, impromptu trip and had a great time! Good food, perfect weather, and a lot of laughs. Tomorrow I will be sharing a few pics from the last three days. But for now...can we talk about tonight???? The first day back from a trip or long weekend is usually awful but I think we all had something to look forward to...the return of The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo. Please tell me I am not the only one who eagerly counted down the days.

Unless you are out of the loop the known facts are this:
Taylor no longer works for Rachel ( this is kind of old news somewhat addressed on last season although weather or not she stole samples is still TBD)
Brad bid farewell and is now styling on his own (the behind the scenes of this are also still TBD)
Rachel finally got knocked up after all the talk about it last season and
Rachel is launching her own line

So they talked a little about what happened with Brad with Rachel claiming he told her he wanted no part of the industry but would rather be home with his dog... and then started styling and pursuing her clients, etc. We will probably never know what really happened, but Brad IS still out there in the fashion world. The way I see it there are there possible scenarios:

1- he never told Rachel that
2- he did tell her that and lied
3- he told her that and then changed his mind

Either way, Rachel feels betrayed and used. And launched another great soundbite from the premiere: "It's not the first time I've been used but I would say it's gonna be the last time." I hope so because I like recurring characters, not new ones.

So the show was filmed when she was 6 months along and had found out the baby was a boy. She claims to have cried for three weeks when she found out it wasn't a girl. Is this normal or is she being just a little bit Dra Matic? She also admits to using the baby as a weapon which also doesn't sound healthy, but what do I know? Her and her husband are styling, firing, hiring, looking for a house and she has now gone from "dying" to "gagging." Vomit seems to be a central theme of the episode.

In hiring a new employee the question is: experience versus personality? Rachel says she values a person she likes over one who has a lot of experience. This seems a little backwards to me, but again what do I know? She's the one with her own clothing line. I guess puke, dangerous babies, and Starbucks go along way in fashion. (PS Jeremiah-the-new-guy is basically Brad version 2.0)

The teaser for the upcoming season is Oscars, awards, the launch of her line, crazy wicked banter between rach and rodge, and finally actually having the baby. Should be a fun ride.
I die.

Below: In happier times


  1. I am so not a fashionista, but I skim by this one every now and then.

    (ps - I'm inspired by your blog!)

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