Thursday, September 1, 2011

OOTD- Thursday Night Market & Fill in the Blank Friday

This is possibly the WORST outfit picture every taken... I'm sorry everyone- the light was awful and my batteries died because I forgot to put new ones in even though I made a mental note of it before I left the house. It didn't happen. Nothing too exciting, though. A black tank, Fleur de lis necklace and my american eagle gray tiered skirt.

Every Thursday Night in my town during the summer is a huge farmer's market with food stands, "entertainment" if you can call it that, special restaurant deals, drinks, etc. This was the last one of the year and I HAD to go since I missed so many before. My mouth was literally watering for fresh fruit. As soon as I smelled the goods, I was in heaven.

I had my eye on these nectarines. I couldn't decide between nectarines and peaches, so I ended up with both.
These are my absolute fave! The are so delicious you can eat them straight up, but I'm thinking some kind of salad for lunch tomorrow. The yellow ones are the best!
And now.... drum roll please...another edition of fill in the blank Friday. Technically it's still Thursday here, but I like being ahead of the game...Plus, it's 2am in NYC.
1. One thing that is completely superfluous, but that I could never give up is nail polish ( i need all colors, every color, multiple shades of every get the idea)

2. Small talk
makes me feel awkward.

I can't breathe without alone time

4. Cheese is my favorite snack.

5. Lately I've been feeling pretty good, all things considered. Kind of surprising, but I can't complain.

6. If at first you don't succeed eat a cupcake and then try again.

7. Fall is

Until tomorrow- when it actually is Friday... YAY!


  1. I love love nectarines too!! You look so pretty :)

  2. Oh I love nectarines, I recently bought a kilo lol!
    Those tomatoes are so beautiful!
    Yes fall is magical, I agree.

  3. Those tomatoes are perfection! The nectarines look good too, but I love all the colors of the tomatoes :)
    Small talk makes me feel awkward too.

  4. now my mouth is watering!

    and cheese is also my favorite snack...though i've cut back a lot. man i miss it.

  5. The farmer's market produce looks delicious - jealous!!

  6. Love the photos...I am going to miss all the wonderful and lovely fresh fruit come fall!
    Love K

  7. love your succeeding advice. cupcakes make everything better, don't they?

    {I've got a giveaway going on & would love to see you there!}

  8. Oh, nail polish is one of the best things in the world and I feel sooo good when I'm wearing it. The problem is whenever I'm anxious (which happens pretty often), I bite my nails. And it takes such a long time until they're fine again that, in the meantime, I probably got anxious again and "bam": I bite my nails.

    I hate that in me.. really..

    Nice blog you have here! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Maybe we could follow each other?

  9. @LISA- thank you so much- that made my day!

    @LILY- wow a kilo should last a while LOL!

    @JEN- yeah me too! I think I see some in my immediate future for sure!

    @KALLIE- haha i know = it's the worst!

    @BANANAS- why would u cut out cheese? is it a heath thing? i'm trying to wrap my head around this- LOL!

    @MARY ANN- thanks! i know i wish there were more but they are coming to an end around here

    @LOVE K- me too!!!

    @AMY RENE- yeah pretty much! haha

    @LUISA- I know what you mean, i bite too!! oh well at least they look good for like a minute! I would love to follow each other! thanks for asking!

    @NICOLE MARIE- me too...i used to be torn between them and peaches but now i realize nectarines are definitely my fave!