Monday, October 3, 2011

My Weekend- Bridge Phobia

I thought as people got older their thinking became more rational, reasonable and wise....Right? Then why are my fears and phobias getting increasingly worse as I age? When I was younger I loved airplanes and thought flying was SO fun. I never gave a second thought to taking the elevator, driving over a bridge or anything of that sort. Fast-forward a decade or so and BAM! my brain is like phobia central. Among the very long list are -you guessed it- flying, elevators, and bridges. I have cried on planes, cried going over bridges, and worked many a calf muscle hauling luggage up many a flight of stairs to avoid unsavory looking death trap elevators. I am a pretty big scardey cat when it comes to a lot of things.
It has been hard for me to reconcile my love of San Francisco with my completely ballistic fear of any high bridge over water. So why this weekend did I end up traveling over the Golden Gate 3 times and the Bay Bridge once? I guess I am a glutton for punishment.
It was worth it.

The beauty is not lost on me...
But that mile and a half feels like a million. Am I a total freak?
Chillin' in the Presidio
Inside the Lucasfilm lobby
With my precious little niece

The Starbucks on site there has Star Wars themed items everywhere
In honor of Yoda: "Brew or Brew Not, There Is No Try"

Yes, I am a total nerd.
Star Wars geek and loving it!

Of course there was more fro yo. This time I tried cinnamon with graham crackers and PUMPKIN. I love the few months when pumpkin flavors are everywhere!
And these pics were snapped at a Celtic Festival I went to.
I wish I got more pics of all the was men in skirts as far as the eye could see.
Tons of music, shopping and good food!

This band was from Scotland- shout out to my sissy!
And last but not least:
Found this in a booth selling all sorts of Tshirts
I could not pass this up!
Pagan is my maiden name. Before I became MR I was MP. I always pronounced it the regular way (Pay-g-In), but in Puerto Rico you say (Pa - gahn.)
That's right- islands of the barbarians- represent!


  1. Aside from bridge terrors, looks like a fantastic weekend. I love Star Wars, that yoda fountain is so cool!

  2. Seriously cool stuff.

    Afraid of bridges? You're OK in my book. I don't care for heights and cried the entire way of a gondola ride with my 2 little ones.

  3. I enjoy the bridge pics- thanks for posting!

  4. i love the bridges, especially the GG. i go over the bay bridge once a week so it isnt as special.

    that pumpkin fro yo looks amazing!!

  5. I too find my phobias worsen as the years go on! What's up with that? Am I becoming senial or just rational?

  6. love star wars :) and anything star wars. so i really need to go to this place :)

  7. Yay- what fun photos! Were you just visiting SF or do you live here? I think it's te best city on earth, but I may be a little biased as I live here :)

  8. @mal-it IS cool- you should check it out if you're ever over this way!

    @casey- gondolas are the worst! i don't ride them any more!

    @mary ann- thank YOU for reading!

    @holly-I probably should force myself to do it more so it wouldn't be such a big deal.

    @ A co- that is the question. I wonder the same thing- wiser or crazier? :-)

    @julia- thank you!

    @samantha- yay! a fellow fan! I also went to (the outside of) skywalker ranch recently... You should definitely check both of them out!

    @skippysays- Unfortunately, I do not live in the city although I wish I did. I live a few hours away, so I visit as often as I can. I'm so jealous you get to call SF home! It is definitely in the running for the most beautiful city in the world!

    Thanks, everyone!