Monday, October 10, 2011

Random Photos- Mostly Food

Hi Everyone! I hope all of you had a good week last week and weekend...mine was great!
I got a tad behind on blogging, but was able to get a lot of other stuff done.
Fun and productivity usually don't go hand in hand for me. It's mostly one or the other.
Thankfully, this weekend was the exception to that rule. Lots more pics of that coming up...but while I'm going through those, here's a collection of random pictures I hope will make you smile!

Homemade vanilla my mom made:
I love the cute little bottle. Vanilla beans from Whole Foods and either vodka or rum, I can't remember which one she used. It smells so good, I can't wait to try it out!
Made a visit to the craft store for some fall projects. This is the "before"...
"After" pics to come.

This is from a few weeks ago.
Chilling with my niece by the was pretty cold and windy out, but somehow kids are immune to that when they want to swim. We hit the hot tub too, of course.
I love marshmallows! LOVE! I'm pretty much obsessed. Here are some treats I did not even know existed, but I am now on the hunt to find...does anyone know where to get these?

Above: snowman vanilla and gingerbread marshmallows. Pumpkin cream cheese!
Below: Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows.

My sister bought me this shirt because she knows all about my dirty little peep fascination.
Now I say it loud and say it proud: I'm a freak for peeps!

My same niece in the pool photo above got an award at school for being kind, caring and respectful in the classroom.
This was the first ceremony of the year and my auntie heart swelled with pride.

More junk food I want to try:

Triple oreos! Double stuff is so last year. This one has FIVE layers.
Never seen these before, but they look pretty good.
Wish I had seen these in the spring. I love artificial color and flavoring. And, yellow is my favorite.
These look gross- anyone tried?
As you can see, in my quest for marshmallows I ended up on the oreo product page. It was like a whole new world was opened up to me!

I will be back tomorrow with more pics... Until then!


  1. I bet that homemade vanilla is gonna be awesome!

  2. I never heard of those type of Oreo´s!!!
    How cool.............


  3. You are just as cute as you can be. And, seriously photogenic. Which really pisses me off in many ways.

    Oh, and I love those gingerbread marshmallows.

  4. those marshmallows look so good, but knowing me, id eat too many and get sick :p

  5. @mary ann- i hope so !

    @mr kane- thank you for stopping by (and commenting!)

    @casey- thank you! haha u are too funny! where did you find the marshmallows?? please tell , I am determined to find them!!

    @holly- i know what you mean...I've been there!lol!