Thursday, October 27, 2011

OOTD- Desert Boots

Remember these boots? They have quickly become my go to pair. They are surprisingly neutral and oh so comfy. Plus they put a smile on my face all day long. Literally! I'm thinking about wearing them with some ankle socks. Is that too 80's / little girl? I'm gonna find a way to make that work.

I can't believe it's Thursday already ( It will be Friday in 15 mins!). Where does the time go? I've been busier than I thought this week. Every Monday I look ahead for the week and think- Wow, it's kind of nice I don't have anything going on this week. By Tuesday, every day night of my week/ weekend has filled up with something. It's like I blinked and it's Monday again! I guess that's life!

Tank: old navy
Skirt: Loft
Awesomest boots ever: Target
Cardi: Gap (also worn here)

1. When I was a kid I wanted to be
a secretary
when I grew up. I'm not kidding. Way to dream big!

2. As an adult, my dream job would be to own an art gallery or to work in a museum .

3. W hen I was younger I wanted to be just like Levar Burton.

5. My favorite childhood toy was my baby doll. I had professional photos taken with it. And a parasol.

6. The time I got into the biggest amount of trouble when I was a kid was when I changed all the clocks to make it an hour later than it really was. Chaos ensued. I made my little brother help me!

7. I get daily inspiration from beautiful photographs and nature .


  1. I wanted to be a secretary too!! lol.. At least I still love doing paperwork :p

    Love those boots!

  2. I LOVE Levar Burton!!! What a great person to look up to! :o) I like the idea of working in a museum, too. That would be pretty fun!

  3. I too wanted to be a secretary! I loved how they got to file things. Us = dorks. :)

    LOVE the boots! Just stopping by from Fill in the Blank Friday!

    -Sarah from [life of love]

  4. love this idea of filling in the blanks!!

    that first pic of you is so cute.

    i kind of wanted to be a grocery store clerk... i scanning things looked fun. or a burger flipper. go figure.

  5. Your boots are so PINK!!! They're adorable on you!

    Changing the clocks is so naughty! I think it would take me a while to catch on, and then I'd be late to EVERYTHING!!! At least I'd have an excuse, right? =)

    Happy Friday!
    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  6. @jessica- that's awesome! I like doing paper work too- I'm glad I'm not the only one!

    @sarah kate-thanks! Big reading rainbow fan- and he gave his mom a kidney! it doesn't get more noble than that!

    @sar- I agree- BIG DORKS!!! :-)

    @danielle-haha grocery clerk i could see- i like the beep after every item...burger flipper- u lost me on that one! lol!

    @mrs biscuit- haha- u r too funny!!!!