Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OOTD- Take a Pleat

I love the way the pleats of this skirt fall. Pretty from any angle.
Anthropologie "Visionary" skirt
Reflection in my car
Easy breezy
Please ignore the weird shape my hand is making
Top from Target

Perfect autumn colors

Confession: This is not what I wore today. Believe me, you would not want to see what I wore today. It was one of those days. Not particularly good, not particularly bad. Just blah. I find myself having that unexplainable restless feeling more and more lately. I think restlessness is the most unsettling feeling. It usually doesn't go away unless I do something drastic. Many trips, hair cuts, and hair colors are the result of this exact feeling I'm experiencing right now.
(And a lot of packages arriving in the mail.) Any suggestions for better ways to deal?

I think part of it too is my whole family is scattered around the globe right now. My sister who lives in Scotland is currently relaxing on a Greek island. My parents and oldest brother are road tripping to Yosemite. My other older brother is somewhere in Wyoming or North Dakota. And I'm here. Crawling out of my skin. I think a closet purge might help. I need to do something productive instead of ordering more shoes online. My closet is kind of a mess right now, so I think tackling that will help a little. Is it just that time of year? Preparing to be a total shut in for the next few months on account of the weather, or is just me being neurotic and high maintenance?
I think it's just fundamentally who I am: an antsy, anxious, bundle of nerves.
I'll work on that.
Although, drinking ten cups of coffee can't help.
(I'm kidding. Kind of.)

Anyway, this is what I wore a few days ago and the temperature was perfect. I am OBSESSED with mustard yellow right now. I can't get enough. Yellow is my favorite color anyway, but I'm finding this dark gold is a totally unexpected neutral- it goes with pretty much everything.
I am building up my goldenrod collection.
Heels: check. Cardi: check. Jewelry: check.
On the hunt for a skirt this color and huge yellow flower to wear in my hair.

Could probably wear these every day. Comfy too!
New nail color: Sally Hansen Time to Shine
Looks even better painted than in the bottle. Turns out this is the PERFECT nail color for fall. In person it looks like someone dipped my finger tips in liquid copper.

As Ms. O'Hara would say- Tomorrow is another day. I'm going to try my hardest to make it a great one! :-)


  1. SO pretty! Teal's my fave color and I love how it looks with mustard. Those shoes are adorable!

  2. i like your sally hansen silver polish! as well as the print of your skirt!


  3. @Jessica- Thank you! They were only $20!

    @satin- thank you very much!