Friday, November 11, 2011

OOTD- Green Jeans

I remember a while back there was quite the controversy on Posessionista about green pants. Love them or hate them? I wasn't quite convinced at first and my gut instinct was NO...but now, I am drinking the Kool Aid. I'm all -aboard the color pants train and loving it!

Plus, how awesome is this cardi? I wish I could tattoo this sweater on me and never take it off.

Did anyone hear about the Albertus Swanepoel for Target collection? It didn't seem very well advertised, but I got this new hat from the line. It seems to be pretty good quality. There were a few hats from the collection that caught my eye. I might check out a different Target this weekend to see if they have any more cute ones in stock.

Stay warm this weekend!

Below: Pumpkins from my brother's house and a pic with 2 of my adorable nieces. Aren't they the cutest?


  1. I fully embrace the colored pants, although I have to say, I often return to black =)

  2. @ taryn- i know what u mean- black is def a staple, but the colors are fun too! I still want to get hot pink and royal blue!