Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Finally Fall

Today is the first day that really felt like fall to me.
My street is covered in pine needles and dead leaves that finally fell to the ground.
Even a few days ago, the colors had not arrived.
Today, however, is a different story. It was so windy out, the fallen leaves were dancing when I opened the front door this morning. The cool air whipped around me and I realized again how much I love the seasons. Even the pain-in- the-butt ones. (I'm talking to you: 100 degree heat and also to you: 3 feet of snow!) I'd rather have beautiful extremes than mild all year round. Story of my life!

Just a quick hello/ goodbye because I'm off to see FOO FIGHTERS tonight in Sacramento.
SO EXCITED! They are on my bucket list of bands to see live. I'm so happy! I'm drinking coffee while I'm typing this getting a serious caffeine buzz going so I can rock my little heart out all night long. (There's 2 opening bands so it's going to be a long one!)
Be back tomorrow- just hopefully not early since I'll be rolling in late! Here's a few of the pics I snapped today, with more to come. I have a few huge trees I'm stalking, just waiting for the orange to appear.

Had to get a picture by this huge pumpkin on the side of the road. Isn't it cute? I love these little gourds- so adorable (and tasty.) Is it too late to get one? I want a glittery, sparkly one to put in my kitchen.
I was at a craft fair this weekend and someone asked me what I was doing for Halloween. When I told him I didn't celebrate Halloween, he asked me if I had some sort of childhood trauma scar me for life and prevent me from participating. I had to laugh- is that what people think? I almost wish I had some horrific story to share with him, but that is not the case.

P.S. Earlier, my mom told me to have fun at "foo brothers"- HA!
Bye, everyone!


  1. Gorgeous. We moved from KC to San Diego a year ago.....this time....I missed it then and I miss it now!

  2. Sooo pretty! Have fun at the concert! I’ve seen Foo Fighters a few times before (I’m from Seattle) and they are great live.

  3. Hi, I just found your blog and I think it's great! I love Fall colours! I think you might like mine too, it's a personal style and fashion blog by me from England! I would love for you to check it out and comment if you like it!


  4. Aww i love your fall pics! It's seriously my favorite time of year!!

    Have fun seeing the Foo Brothers!! :p (hilarious! Parents are so funny.)

  5. @casey- I'm sorry! do you get any fall in SD? At least you live by the beach tho- I would prob trade seasons for a while to be by the water!!

  6. @Christina I'm so jealous you are from seattle- i love it there- just visited again over the summer!
    You are so right- they were amazing live- I can't believe it's taken me this long to see them! LOVED IT!!

    And - PEARL JAM is my ALL TIME favorite number one band of ALL TIME!!! go seattle! :-)

  7. @Jessica Renee Me too! I love it! And, I know- parents are crazy! my mom just got an ipad...TOO FUNNY!!!