Friday, November 4, 2011

Concert Pics!

My ears are STILL ringing. I was complaining about it last night until I stopped for a second and thought to myself, "Yeah, it was totally worth it!"

That was one of the BEST concerts I have ever been to.
They played for almost three hours, almost every song I wanted to hear, did a Tom Petty cover, and pretty much rocked my world.
We got pretty close- actually closer than it looks in the pics. I stayed in the front for the show and then during the encore I went in the back so I could "dance" unencumbered. It was so much fun!
The charisma and stage presence of these guys is just amazing. They ain't gettin' any younger either!
I have to say, the term "Rock" is used way too loosely these days.
(Note: Coldplay is not rock.) But Foo really lives up what rock stars should be. I had a total blast! I'm gonna be living off this adrenaline rush for a long time. I'm so glad I got to go!

Here's me and my bro before we left.
I'm so excited- I'm flashing the DOUBLE thumbs up!
(Bro has weird look on his face- I think because he had just taken a HUGE bite of his dinner!)

These two pics were taken by the girl in front of me on her cell phone. I saw her take them and asked if she would send them to me. Thanks, JEN KENNEDY! You did me a solid.


Love this one!

I also went to see one of my other favorite bands- CAKE a few weeks ago in Davis. That show was good too, even though they didn't play any of the songs I wanted to hear and only played for about an hour an a half. I found out later they are known not for not being that great live.
Kind of wish I had known that. But, I don't regret going. We still had a good time despite getting lost and then having to park miles away. Also, there was no opening band! Count on the one time I'm late to miss the first song! I was so bummed. But, I still got pretty close and had fun.

I know the pics are bad quality- but I'm still glad I got them. It's hard to hold the camera still and above everyone's head- especially if you're short like me!

I LOVE going to concerts! There's nothing like being in the pit- I'm talking general admission, arms pinned to your sides, so close you can see the sweat... It's the best! (There's also nothing like being talked into going to see someone you don't like, but that's a different story.)
I have seen many of my favorite bands, but there's still a few I need to cross off the list.
Slowly but surely!

Here's me with lil' bro. Hubby wanted to go, but ended up having to work, so I dragged my other brosky with me. Again the double thumbs up- I'm really excited!!

I love all types of Cake, and this is no exception.
Disco ball!

I thought my niece was going to be around this weekend, so I had some tentative plans of things to do with her. But, that didn't end up happening. So I will be having a very low key next few days. Mostly cleaning and catching up on TV.
Have a good one!
Hopefully I'll be able to hear again by Monday!


  1. This is awesome - love the FF. They're coming to Atlanta tomorrow, but alas, I don't have tickets.

  2. @mary ann= i love them too! I think they are playing a few dates in your area? u should go :-)