Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Weekend & TV Talk

Well, my weekend ended up being WAY more low key than I originally planned.
I got SNOWED in!
What started as rain on Saturday quickly turned into a very early snowfall.
I had to cancel all my plans for today, which means I spent my Sunday holed up by the fire.
It ended up being a nice, albeit unexpected, lazy day. I was somewhat productive- my pesky "tight drawer" finally got kinda organized, I did one load of laundry, and cleaned the kitchen (including doing many loads of dishes.) That was good enough for me!
More importantly , I got caught up on a lot of TV and finished my book.
I looked at this whole weekend as an adult snow day.

There's has been a lot going on TV-wise especially with all the new shows.

Please bear with me as I get some things off my chest...

First: Real Housewives of New Jersey:

This just turned into a HOT MESS, y'all. Where's the fun, the laughter , the good times? Everyone has just completely turned on each other and it is getting unbearable to watch. I think this pattern is inevitable. It happened in New York. Everyone started as friends and then look how the last season ended. A. BIG. HOT, MESS. Drama is one thing, but when you as a viewer can sense the hatred emanating from your TV screen, that 's not a good thing. If they can't stand to be around each other, why should I spend time with them each week? I would say I hope it gets better in the next season, but from the sound of things it doesn't seem like that's gonna happen. I, of course, am dying to know what happened the night before the reunion that made Jacqueline MIA and I know the cameras captured everything that went down, so I'll probably check out season 4 for that, but if it's all just back and forth, she said- she said,
friend vs. friend, pick a side crap...I'm out. Can't deal!

New Girl:

Funny, but she needs to tone it down just a schosh. We get it, you're quirky and adorable, but you don't have to be so in-your-face about it. Hoping this one finds it's stride in the next 10 episodes or so. It got picked up for a full season, so don't think it's going anywhere. But, I absolutely hate it when shows start out and then are put on hiatus 3 episodes in! Most of the time it's a death sentence because by the time it comes back people have forgot about it, moved on, or lost annoying!

Once Upon a Time:

Finally watched 1.5 episodes. Definitely a very interesting premise. I like the contrast of fairy tale to modern day and there's a lot of mysterious components that could be interesting. I just hope it doesn't run out of steam.

Amazing Race:

Loved the episodes in Malawi. I really want to visit there. I won't give too much away in case some of you are behind an episode or two, but I will say the team I picked to win it all during the very first episode is still in the game! I hope I'm right and they go all the way.

Dancing with the Stars:

This is one of the shows I got behind on because of scheduling conflicts on my DVR. I've caught a few episodes here and there, and I know my girl Ricki is still in it. I hope she takes home that mirror ball this year.

Up All Night:

This show is kind of hit and miss for me. I really wanted to like it, and I think the premise has a lot of potential, but it's another one that I don't think has found it's footing yet. I hope it gets better and funnier as the season continues.

The Office:

I did not think I would miss Steve Carell this much. I thought there was a strong enough back bone to carry the show without him, but I might have been wrong. I just need some Michael Scott in my life. If for no other reason than to remind me to be glad I don't have an ACTUAL Michael Scott in my life!

The Kennedys:

I'm so glad they are replaying this on REELZ channel, because I missed it the first time around. I know the reviews were mixed, but it did win some awards at the EMMYS. I think it's worth checking out, but if it doesn't hold my interest, I will probably end up giving up on it.


The new and final season just started again a few weeks ago. I taped them, but haven't watched them yet. I love this show, but am slightly glad it's ending before it gets completely ridiculous. That seemed to be the direction it was going in, so I hope they can reign in the hijinks and go back to the classic Chuck we know and love.

Now...onto FOOD!
My sister -in- law got me a box of Starbucks hot chocolate packets in Toasted Marshmallow. I was wondering where the toasted part was going to come in and look:

the little freeze dried marshmallows were huge and "toasted!" So cute! Now I know.
Thanks, K!

After inhaling the marshmallows, it's time for whipped cream. This can only be a "sometimes" treat because I re-squirt the whipped cream about a million times!

Since I am a short person, anything above the first shelf in the kitchen in no man's land for me. I was looking for a wine glass, climbed onto the counter, and found 2 of these mugs hidden on the very top shelf. I totally forgot about them. They were for some reason not on the coffee mug shelf and on the "nice glass" shelf. I blame the move (2 yrs ago.) They are back where they belong now, in my permanent rotation. (Until the next move.)

Sunday dinner: pasta with chicken and peas. Not pictured: Saturday night's leftovers and champagne...and Sunday morning's awesome pizza bagels hubby went out and got us for brunch.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


  1. I so agree with you on the RHONJ, it just keeps getting worse. And I'm really hoping New Girl gets better, so far it just meh for me. I spent my weekend catching up on RH of Atlanta since I missed the first few seasons and man do those ladies have drama! Gotta love me some NeNe though. :)

  2. Jersey was awful this season and the reunion gave me a stomachache. But you’re right, I will be tuning in to Season 4 because of what they hinted at the reunion. YAY! Someone agrees with me about Jess! Everyone loves her, so I was afraid to write about it last week. She annoys me more than she makes me laugh, but I’m sticking with it too. I hate the huge breaks in the beginning of the new TV season. It’s all baseball’s fault! And I agree with you about Up All Night too. I love the cast so much, I really want to love the show.

  3. @ Chrisitna= I know ,,,I really WANTED to like Up all night, it just hasn't quite solidified itself as part of my must see tv...

    r u watching REVENGE?