Tuesday, November 8, 2011

OOTD-Finally Fall Part 2

Today ended up being a very pretty day after my weekend of snow and despite the chilly air, I decided to take some detours around my little town and see what I could find.

I love taking time out from a busy day/week/month/year/life to appreciate all the beautiful things you can discover when you open your eyes, slow down, and take in a breath of fresh air.

You know those days when you leave house and forget something? This happens to me quite often. Sometimes I turn around and go back, sometimes I don't. Today I forgot my scarf and hat. Those are a necessity to me on any cold day and I was definitely missing them.
That brain freeze moment aside... outings like this help my constant restlessness and anxiety subside & all that's left is awe and delight.

Within all the orange and yellow, there is some green left.

I LOVE cords! Every fall, I am so excited to bust them out. If I had my way I would own a pair in every color of the rainbow. Actually, why stop at just pants? You name it, you can probably find it made out of corduroy: skirts, tops, jackets, not to mention accessories: hats, flats, sneakers, boots. Bring it on- let's see how much I can accumulate this season! This red pair is definitely brightening up my days!

Leaves on fire.
Even the fallen are eye catching.

My shadow was cold. It definitely missed my beanie too!

I hope there are some more bright and clear days ahead. If not, at least I have something documented. The few weeks before the chronic rain starts are the best!


  1. So pretty! Those streets covered with leaves are awesome. The leaves here in Seattle have all changed color, but they don't really start falling off until the end of the month, which is when it gets really rainy. So we don't get the fun, crunchy leaves to kick around. Super cute deer necklace!

  2. I miss the pretty leaves so much. The Midwest had so much. California? Not really!