Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Weekend-Coat Closet Redo

It's the beginning of another week...I can't believe it!

My weekend was totally low key. I spent it baking cookies, doing laundry and finally cleaning out that pesky coat closet that has been neglected for about 10 months.

It has been a catch-all for chaos, so it felt really good to pull everything out, sort, organize, and then put everything back in it's place. I finally have a spot for my 3 pairs of rain boots I reach for every time it snows (which is a lot at my house) and all my coats look so pretty and happy hanging in their particular place.

All my winter coats hanging prettily in a row. No Before pic - sorry! Trust me, it was bad!

I went through and tried on so much stuff- just to make sure each item was worth keeping. I also consolidated my many hats, scarves, and gloves into a much more manageable system of keeping them in an open box for easy access. I've been on the hunt for a really cute bin with handles to store them in, but haven't found many choices. Wal Mart had cheap ones, but they were WAY too boring and Target had some, but none of the patterns really called out to me. I checked the Container store online and couldn't really find a must have one either. So I'm going to keep checking online and also at Ross or Marshall's to see if I can find something cute to house my favorite winter accessories.

Cardboard box just waiting to be replaced with something pretty.
And, trying to embrace the upcoming winter weather.

I was feeling kind of crafty so I cut out birds out of cute paper and taped them to the inside of the coat closet door. I know, I know, more birds! They are just temporary, but I was so proud of my newly non cluttered space, I wanted to celebrate by jazzing things up, and giving me a reason to smile every time I open the door. I also snuck some snowflakes in there just because they're pretty! I had a ton of craft paper so my shoe closet got some cut out hearts too! Ah the wonders of Dollar Store craft section, a good pair of sharp scissors, and a chick flick you've seen a million times playing in the background. *Bride Wars, in case you were wondering!




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