Monday, November 14, 2011

OOTD- Elbow Patches!

I am obsessed with elbow patches! My little nephew was sporting them the other day and they were so cute. Then I found this sweater and knew I had to have it! It was a great deal at $17 and this skirt was only $15. Not too shabby.
In other very important world news, I finally broke out my tights. It was time- I had put it off long enough. My legs were toasty warm all day. I thought it was going to rain, but I didn't, so I was actually a little too warm. Kind of annoyed the weather won't make up its mind on what season it is...but I guess I shouldn't complain about warmth. Especially when the forecast for this weekend says more snow!
I'm planning on getting together with my sister-in-law on Thursday to add some DIY patches to some more of my cardigans. We're planning really cool shapes and colors. I hope they turn out the way I'm picturing. If I share the final product, you'll know they turned out awesome. If I never mention it again and these last few sentences get mysteriously edited out of this'll know it was a disaster.

Love the subtle pleats

My inspiration:

Showing off his too-cool duds...with suspenders!!


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