Monday, August 29, 2011

VMA Fashions

So I have a confession to make...I didn't actually watch the VMA's, I just looked at red carpet pics. Kinda feels like cheating and reading only the cliffs notes. I may watch them at some point if they are replayed some time next weekend, but this weekend was too busy and something had to give...couldn't wait to check out the pics tho!

Beyonce and her baby bump...I think it's safe to say her and her fetus stole the show.

Adele. She always looks great. I love her big hair!
Now onto this. There are no words. I guess they look ok...(except Dina who is having a "what was she thinking?!" moment.) And Sami- you're looking a little like cheeto dust there, girl. I like your hair though. Jenni, I think is trying to pay homage to Amy Winehouse's eyeliner techniques? So many questions, not enough answers.

Another weird look. Selena usually looks put together and fresh. This is way too severe and a little all over the place. Hopefully her next event will find her looking less Miley Cyrus more Taylor Swift. (trashy vs classy)

And of course, everyone was wondering how she was gonna top the meat dress. I guess once you've worn raw steaks all over you the only thing left is to dress like a dude. Is it just me or does she look pretty good as a guy? No? Anyone?

(Made me think of on ANTM when they had to become guys for the photo shoot. I thought Jaslene looked pretty believable!!)

Sorry gaga- she beat you to it! lol!


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