Tuesday, August 16, 2011

RHNJ Recap

This episode starts out with Caroline telling us: I will not hate someone just because you want me to. Yikes- that mama Manzo is tough! She rules with an iron fist. Tough but fair. Would not want to meet her (or any of her children) in a dark alley. She's referring to inviting Kathy and Rich to her party even though Theresa wouldn't like it. Hmm....Theresa vs. Caroline- not sure who would win, but it could be interesting. Maybe after their housewife, cooking, and radio careers are over WWE can set something up??? We then see Melissa inviting the kids over for a play date and the editing makes it seem like Theresa was 3 1/2 hours late. I can't help but wonder (due to my skeptical nature) if it really played out like that or if it's exaggerated for TV. The kids seem to love each other but that little Guidice girl is a tyrant. Add to the list of people on the show I do not want to cross. The situation with Theresa and Melissa is a hot mess. These girls are really playing with my emotions. One episode I like Melissa , one episode I don't. One second you think they made up and every thing's good- the next the digging starts. It's gonna take a lot more than a glass of wine to fix these problems.
Next up is the annual Brownstone New Year's party and all the ladies are getting done up to the nines. And now for my all time favorite feature: New Jersey Housewives Without Makeup! You might want to take out your contacts for this one...Yikes...they say it takes a village to raise a child, it must take the whole state to make these women presentable, especially considering what they have to start with. That being said, once they all arrive, Theresa does look very pretty. I like her dress and her glittery hair piece. I had to say that so she won't cut me. There's some tension in the air, but for the most part the evening goes off without a hitch. Question: Why are all the children still up? Is this normal? I don't celebrate New Year's so I'm not sure if most people let their little kids party past midnight or again, if it's just for the show.
SMARTEST MOMENT: Whoever weaseled their way into an invite to that party. Good food, open bar, dancing...Caroline even said it's a very exclusive event.
DUMBEST MOMENT: It's a tie between Ashley trying to drink at the bar even though she's underage, surrounded by watchful family members, and- I don't know- a MILLION cameras rolling...and Melissa saying, "I don't want to get in the middle" and then proceeding to do just that. Leave it alone, girl!!!


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