Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Recent Shopping

First of all, I am so thrilled to be included on KELINDA.KELINDA's purple week post! Check it out here.

I am also joining in on this:

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Yay! I finally borrowed a copy of The Help from a friend so I can get started on it right away.

Now onto the shopping. I haven't been out in the real shopping world in awhile- except for a few Target trips here and there. Last Friday I found some really good deals, and even though my heart still belongs to online shopping, it is nice to get out there and see what cool stuff you can get your hands on.

Gearing up for fall I found these pretties- Betsey Johnson lace up booties...LOVE!

Adorable leopard platform pumps with a black rosette...Madden girl for less than $20- you can't beat that!

A pensive owl for sipping coffee...

and a pair of Hello Kitty sparkly shoes for my glitter addict little niece...

Now for the surprising finds I mentioned... I had to stop by hubby's grandma's house on the way home from shopping to pick up some items my mother in law had left there for us. As I was leaving and putting my skull shoes back on grandma perks up and says, " what size shoe do you wear?" Now, I've been asked this question before many times, but I never get my hopes up because 1. no one ever wears the same size as me and 2. it usually only leads to disappointment. So i sadly answer, "8.5 or 9". Grandma then says, " come downstairs with me- I think I have some shoes for you." At this point I still do not get my hopes up...I admit I was skeptical, I mean what are the chances of my grandma in law presenting me with shoes I LIKE that actually FIT that I in fact want to WEAR? Let me just say- I am now a believer!

For your consideration...
Exhibit "A"

Red platform suede pumps with a wooden heel. Awesome for fall. And...

Exhibit "B"-
these blush/pale pink cut out sandals with ankle strap...I can't wait to start wearing these while the weather is still warm. Thanks, grandma colleen! Any other beauts that come your way in my size-i'm here for you!!

And lastly, check out this giveaway.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

    The leopard platforms and red suede heels are my faves. That was sweet of your grandma. I smiled at your comment about how the shoes she gave you ended up being a very pleasant surprise.

  2. @A Bigger Closet

    Haha it was a surprise but I was more than happy to take them off her hands!! thank you for reading and commenting! i appreciate it!