Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goodies from across the Pond

My sister always brings me the best stuff when I see her. She takes candy requests and always loads me up with the UK version of the magazines I love. This visit was no exception...I think I made out pretty well!!!

Tons of mags and articles saved from the Royal Wedding, a special biscuit/cookie tin featuring the Wills and Kate, UK Glamours with Adele and Fearne Cotton on the cover, a special request for egg cups, and some new candy to try - chomp and freddo- the UK sweets are the best!

Fanta chap stick- sis knows how obsessed I am. The Fanta over there is way better than the kind we get. The first time I had it I was 14 and you couldn't get Fanta of any kind here until much later. She also has access to the BEST tights. These have a vertical stripe down your leg with one side darker than the other. LOVE!

More new candy to try. These are from my sis' husband. Cadbury "eclairs"...never seen them before but they involve carmel with chocolate!! Can't wait to tear into these ( Thank you, D!!!) And aero , a longtime favorite (aerated choc with bubbles) now have a version with cookie in it!! I am set for a while, which is good because my easter candy stash was getting a little low. Thanks, Mandy and David!!


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