Monday, August 29, 2011

My Weekend- Part Three

Saturday night the fam had an anniversary party for my parents. What better way to celebrate than a chocolate dessert buffet? We even had a fountain. A chocolate fountain. It was a gluttonous display and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is what I wore:

The theme of the evening:

Vanilla and peanut butter cupcakes

Mini Nutella cupcakes with white chocolate hearts
Heart shaped cake with Ghiradelli chocolate frosting
Chocolate and vanilla cheesecake with a sour cream top
Goodies about to die a glorious death of drowning in liquid chocolate

Of course there had to be champagne too!

My brother's sweet kitten....I am in love with him

And finally, the man and woman of the hour. The year was 1970. 41 years ago. Who knew what their life together would bring... Six children, five grandchildren and hundreds of friends, travels, and memories later, I would say their marriage has been quite a success. I know there are many people out there who don't have the good fortune of having parents they know, see, get along with, or even like. I understand how rare it is to have the most supportive and generous parents anyone could ask for. Happy Anniversary, mom and dad!


  1. i have (and adore!) those same cynthia vincent (for target!) wedges. they are such a great summer staple.

  2. I agree! I missed out at first and then stalked them on ebay for months. Finally got a pair last winter and was dying for the warm weather so i could wear them. I wear them all the time now!

    thanks for reading!

  3. thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog :) You look lovely here, and all the foooood.. miam!