Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OOTD- Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.

I love throwing on a dress that's super comfy and easy to wear. Of course, I also believe in jazzing every outfit up with whatever shoes and jewelry call to you that day. I dug these babies out of the closet and had forgotten how much I love these heels!

My niece snuck in this pic with me...I had just glittified her face so that's why she's super shiny. Isn't she precious? (and my sister in law MADE the dress she's wearing!)

New nail color- Sally Hansen Blue me Away and some rhinestone bow earrings I discovered in my nightstand while looking for a pen...SCORE!!
Enjoying the last of hot day treats: lemon and tart fro yo and iced coffee.


  1. That's well-put-together for 3 am - I'm oftentimes trying to get to sleep by that hour, haha!

  2. @Mary Ann

    haha- that's when i am just getting started...J/K don't worry my niece isn't up all night- just like the simon/garfunkle song :-)