Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OOTD and Fashion Police

If you watch Fashion Police on E! you will know that they totally panned this Alexander McQueen dress worn by the Anne Hathaway. I agree with them about 75% of the time, but I couldn't believe they hated this! They said it was not tailored correctly, too long, wrong color, and needed to be hemmed. I think the shape and lace is cool, plus the shoes are a neat shade that compliment but still stand out. I think she looks beautiful. What do you think?

Breaking out my new shoes!

Worn with this anthro skirt from
a year or two back and old navy tee. Does anyone have other ideas for styling this skirt? Would love to hear them, since I would probably wear this more often if I could come up with new ideas for it. Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. We love fashion police on E! Your blog is fab!

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  2. love love love this skirt. thanks for a great post. would love if you could stop by today and check out my new outfit post.


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  3. Love the shoes and Anne too :)

  4. I actually loved Anne's dress and thought it looked very sophisticated on her!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    all about golden children

  5. I just adore that skirt! It looks great on you! I think I would love a light pink flowey top with it too!

  6. Oh, Lord, no. I buy most of my clothes from the Target sale rack.

    But, I did love Anne's dress!

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  8. what a cute skirt! you look so cute in this outfit!

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  9. what a great skirt - you are so cute!

    x. jill

  10. i think she looks gorgeous...but i have to agree poor tailoring job. take them hem up or down!


  11. @sabo, @ana , @collections- thank you!

    @fash boulevard- thank you=will do!

    @kel-me too!

    @michelle- thank you that s a good idea...i dn't think i have anything like that- ill have to hunt one down!

    @casey- haha i do love scouring those clearance rakcs!

    @fabrizia- will do!
    @alexandria- i would love that!
    @jilll- thanks - right back @ you!
    @ heather-yeah - i can see that i like the different length but an inch or two higher would have been good!

    thank you all for reading and commenting!

  12. I think that Anne's dress is gorgeous BUT there is something WRONG with the length. Maybe if she was shorter, maybe if the dress was longer...

  13. @Lorena

    yeah , i think that would have helped...thanks for reading and commenting!