Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kardashians- Recap

I am still behind on pretty much every TV show ( I know about the Bachelorette, but haven't actually watched it yet. Hoping I get some time to soon.) But, I did get watch the Vegas episode of Kardashians while I was cleaning my living room. Wow was this one a doozy. It starts out with Kourtney, Scott and Kim watching an episode of Fashion Police (on E! Cross promotion, much?) where Scott was a guest judge and Kim was a "must-see" look that week...Anyone else think this is a bad idea? Your brother in law commenting on a dress you're wearing that shows everything in the front? Thanks, for the plug E!. Now on to the actual episode. The cameras follow Scott into his therapy session where he talks about his efforts to not get drunk and crazy. When the Dr asks him if he's been thinking about drinking lately and he answers, "not really," I think we all know where this is going. I can't help but wonder if this "therapy" is real or fake. As I said before, I take everything on this show with a grain of salt so your guess is as good as mine. I'm gonna go with somewhere between "probably" and "definitely." And...what a shocker, Scott goes to Vegas and ends up drinking. I'm going to file that with Clay Aiken and Ricky Martin being gay under: Things that do not surprise anyone. It starts with one drink by the pool and ends with what looks like a hot mess. Kourtney is worried the whole night and then finally gets a call from Scott assuring her everything is fine and all is well. This is where things get confusing. Scott comes home. Kourtney asks him about the trip. Is it just me or is he trying to make it seem like he didn't drink at all? I couldn't tell if they were trying to make it look like he lied to her or what. Let's not forget it's extremely hard to hide something from your girlfriend when you were FILMED the entire trip. I'm sure he had fun explaining that one. If this is just another set up for "Scott's a jerk" all season, then YAWN.
The other story line this episode is Kris thinking she works too much and is missing out on her younger daughters' lives. Since they are 13 and 15 I would think it's a little too late to being worrying about that. The ship has sailed. They are already teenagers and embarrassed they even have parents, let alone want to spend any amount of time with them (except for Bruce. They still love their dad, just die of mortification every time their mother is around.) Kris doesn't make things better by going down a guilt spiral and trying to tag along to every activity possibly available to someone who can't drive yet. (Think jumping rope, making up dance routines, and ice skating.) Bruce finally steps in and tells Kris to back off before the kids mutiny. Overall, pretty much a snooze fest, but this episode seemed even weirder than normal. Please tell me it wasn't just me.
SMARTEST MOMENT: Kylie and Kendall locking Kris out of the car. I would have done the same.
DUMBEST MOMENT: Kylie is trying to talk to Kris about something important. To say she cannot follow is an understatement. Kylie then asks her, "Are you drunk?" and Kris has to think about it before saying no. Wow.


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