Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kate Middleton Recycles Clothes....

And other very unimportant news. You have probably hear about all the kerfuffle concerning the Duchess re-wearing clothes from her closet. If I really think about it, I get why it's such a big deal. In our society you hardly ever see celebrities or famous people wear the same outfit twice, and if you do, it's usually in a magazine article declaring how weird and unusual it is. I understand Kelly Osbourne's point of view- she was recently involved in a media frenzy after she said that if she were to be the future queen of England and give up all her privacy at the least she could get a new dress to wear every day. Makes sense...But I don't think Kate re wears because she has to or was told to. I think it is simply because she loves the clothes, enjoys wearing them, and wants to put them on again. What's wrong with that? I could be wrong, but I have always wondered about that with celebrities. They for the most part know they are going to wear an outfit one time. Sometimes they repeat a bag or pair of shoes but, like I said, it's rare. What if they love something, what if the feel AMAZING in it? What if they want to wear that same exact outfit again? Should it be a big deal? Should it make the news? I think it's great Kate will rely on something tried and true when she knows it will be photographed and talked about. She already showed she was a rule breaker on the balcony with the double kiss. She obviously likes to do things her own way. Why not let her? It only makes her that much more relateable. Like she could easily be YOUR best friend from school that just happened to marry a prince. But she still hangs out with you and invites you to parties at Buckingham Palace. Hey a girl can dream can't she?

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  1. I think it's great she does that, I mean, just because you can afford it doesn't mean you always have to be buying new clothes! :)


  2. I agree! doesn't it make you like her even more?