Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tv Talk: January and February

I don't remember January as having that much exciting TV going on, but I guess I was out of it last year or something.

Question: What is my fave thing about January?

Answer: Award shows!!

I am SO excited!

January is a BIG month.

Jan 11- People's Choice Awards

Jan 12- Critics Choice Awards

Jan 15- Golden Globe Awards

Jan 27- SAG Awards

And the Oscars of course are set for February 26th. I just realized my sister will be here for them!! This is the greatest news ever. We are going all out this year, that's for sure!
(I completely missed out last year due to a severe snow storm...it's a long story, but I was NOT happy! It took me a while to get over that one. So this will have to be 2 years of Oscars worthy.)

Not quite an awards show- but not to be left out... Miss America Pageant airs this Saturday the 14th.

I see lots of formal gown critiquing in my future!

Noteworthy season or series premieres:

Cajun Pawn Stars
I do like the original so I will probably check this out.

Most likely horrible.

Oprah's Next Chapter
Trying to save the OWN network by putting O herself back on TV interviewing people.
I will probably just watch an episode here or there.

White Collar
Coming back for a new season on USA

Howie Mandel's flash mob show. People use them to announce things or reveal secrets. A little OTT, but entertaining.

New episodes!

Brad Brad World
Rachel Zoe's ex-assistant tries to make it as a stylist.

NY Ink
New episodes.

24 Hour Catwalk
Alexa Chung hosts this Project Runway type competition show

Project Runway All Stars
First episode, not impressed. Loved Rami's first look, but hated his second one. And where is Heidi? What happened to her? Definitely missing Tim Gunn and the judges, but so far I like the new set ok.

Teen Mom 2
This is getting harder and harder to watch.

Jane By Design
ABC family's new series.

Rachael vs Guy Celeb Cook Off
Celeb should be in quotes. I am only watching this because of LDP. The rest of the celebrities are like parodies of themselves. (Or I've never heard of them)

Cupcake Wars
New episodes! I LOVE this show!

The Firm
Based on the book and movie. Haven't decided if I'm going to give this one a try or not yet.

Watch What Happens Live
Andy's live 5 nights a week now.

Extreme Coupon All stars
This show takes past participants and makes them compete against one another for who can save the most money. A little silly, but a must see if you're still obsessed with couponing.

Extreme Cheapskates
I just heard about this- apparently it follows the most "frugal" people in the country.
Does anyone know if this is good?

Shipping Wars
In the same vein as storage wars, auction hunters, etc. This show explores the wonderful world of freight.

Are You There, Chelsea?
Now on Wednesday nights. If you like Chelsea Handler, check this out.

Animated series based on the movie. I LOVE the movie so will most likely tune in to see if this is funny or just stupid.

Betty White Prank Show
Punk'd: Betty White style!

Watch Ben find love. Or just watch him be on TV for the next 12 weeks.

New suspense/drama show...might be too scary for me.

Coming in February:

Jersey Couture
I am so excited this show got a second season. I didn't think it would, because it's been so long since the first. I know people think it's cheesy, but I loved watching the family that owns this dress shop help Jersey women find their look for prom, weddings, pageants, etc.

The PBS show that came out of nowhere. Season 2 for those of you who had the foresight to start watching season 1.

Fashion Star
NBC's fashion competition show.

Super Bowl

Puppy Bowl
Come on, admit it. You know this is WAY better than any football game.

Celebrity Apprentice
Look at this bunch...should be CRAZY!

So far the weather here has been unseasonably warm, but whenever the rain decides to come, I'll have a stocked up DVR for those dreary days.

Any other shows worth watching I don't know about?


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