Sunday, January 15, 2012

Golden Globes Red Carpet

I love the golden globes. I really do.
They certainly are the most fun of all the award shows.
The alcohol flows way too freely and by the end of the night it's anyone's guess as to what will go down.

I mean who could forget this classic GG moment?
I dare you to watch it and not laugh.

The fashion definitely did not disappoint tonight.

There's always the good, the bad, the What Were They Thinking?! and the split vote- Love it or Hate it.

Below are my picks... What did you think?

First off: Best Dressed

There were so many beautiful dresses! I don't think that blush/ nude color is going away anytime soon.

Love this color- but I might be partial because it is my favorite!

Another black and white similar to what Michelle Williams wore to the Critic's Choice Awards.

I really like the tea length on her, especially since she's tall enough to pull it off.

More black and white...she always looks great!

I love the statement necklace, the color of the gown and the textured fabric.

Her hair is slightly covering the neckline- it was a really pretty ruffled top.

This dress is so romantic and girly, I love it!

Love how she upped the wow factor with the turquoise. This very simple Calvin Klein looked great on her and had a very pretty cut out back. I like the simple hair, too.

Something different for her- she looks good in red!
The detailing here doesn't photograph very well, but if you watched the E! red carpet you could see how intricate it was.

Love this color and her side swept hair.

Amber Riley is quickly becoming one to watch on the red carpet.
She knows how to dress her body, that's for sure.
The only Glee girl I liked tonight!

Another slam dunk for Ms. Stone: the colors, the belt, everything is spot on.
I love that she added a brooch to the ruffle. It really made the look.

Beautiful gray/lavender color.

Next up the WORST looks:

So busy. So 80's. So wrong.

NOT flattering.
I would have loved to see something a little more exciting from her.

Like the color, but that's about it. Sad because she was my best dressed at the Emmy's, but not a fan of this and that hair color is killing me.

So busy, so 80's, so wrong...did these besties coordinate?
I know she was trying, but I think she looks better in sleeker, edgier dresses as opposed to a ball gown like this.
Plus instant fail for me knowing Olivia Wilde wore this same dress in '08 and looked better in it.
Another red carpet OOPS!

And finally: Love it or hate it? I still can't decide!

Not sure about this custom made Prada, but her nails were cute!
She had them painted like tuxedos and said they were her date!

S.M.G.'s 2 year old daughter picked out her dress. Maybe not the best idea for an awards show?
This dress was HUGE! She was completely overwhelmed by it.

I feel like she could have done better. Disappointing after the Critics' Choice Awards.

Glad she's doing something different, but I don't think this is her best look.

I think overall she looks good, but I would have chosen something completely different for her.

So there you have it...another Golden Globes to put in the archives.

Weigh in on the split vote looks in the comments!

UPDATE: Out of 25 categories, I guessed 18 right.
Pretty good, no?
(Last year I won free movie tickets in an Oscar game!)


  1. Whoever that chic is in the navy blue mermaid silhouette! That's my fave dress. ;-)

    1. I like that one too- the bottom is so cool!
      It's Sofia Vergara b.t.w. :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I agree that Reese looks pretty in red!

    1. I know- surprised she hasn't really worn that before!

  3. Great post! I love Sofia Vergara, Emma Stone and Jessica Alba dresses!!! and yes! Reese looks great in red!!!

    Have a great week.

    JK ||

  4. I was totally a fan of Zooey and Michelle's looks! They are quirky, but don't make you uncomfy with their choices! Big wins for me!

    1. Zooey's look is growing on me...she does that 60's mod like no other and she's so beatiful it doesn't really matter what she wears!

  5. i made a top 10 list on my blog. charlize was my number one! obsessed with what she wore

  6. Thanks for commenting- I'm checking out your list now!