Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Random Food Pics

It's time for another hunger-inducing post!

Here's a few of the food pics my camera has been collecting from the last few weeks.

Some sweet, some savory- all delicious!

Scroll through at your own risk! :-)

First up: the last time my mom made a turkey. I had been having SEVERE turkey dinner cravings for a while and this meal did not disappoint. I went back three times and only stopped myself because of the pumpkin pie waiting to be devoured for dessert. I know everyone says this, but my MOM makes the best stuffing! It's my favorite turkey side dish and I OD on it every time. I have never been brave enough to attempt to make one on my own. I guess it's a good thing Mom's still around!

I know my plate could be more colorful, but I'm sorry, I don't like cranberry sauce or yams.
I stick to mostly the starches and once I've built my plate, I pour gravy over EVERYTHING!

These are the leftovers she sent me home with- they are as big as my head! Thanks, mom!

I made a ham for the first time! I was really intimidated by the size (20 lbs- it was on sale) and cooking process (3+ hours!), but I'm really glad I cooked him up anyway (hubby helped a lot.) It was worth the time because that thing turned out good! We made a glaze of butter, brown sugar, oj, honey and mustard and once it was done we used the juices as a gravy.
He fed us for a long time!
It was a huge bone-in ham ( not the spiral cut kind- in case you were wondering.)
This is a pic of the breakfast in couch the other mister served me a few weekends ago. He said it was a scary clown. Not sure about that one, but it tasted good- a bed of spinach topped with hash browns and bacon, topped with 2 fried eggs. Perfect for a Saturday morning brunch.

Gingerbread cupcake with cream cheese frosting- SO GOOD!

Pumpkin scone with maple glaze from my local coffee shop.

Pumpkin bagel with vanilla cream cheese. I look forward to this every year!
Half a chocolate whoopie pie... No top=more frosting= very happy me!


  1. I could totally go for every one of those sweets right now! haha... Hope you're having a good day!

  2. I love food posts, they make my mouth water, mm, mm! That turkey dinner looks fantastic! When I get the big turkey dinner craving, I'll buy some thick-sliced turkey, make some Stove Top stuffing (I know, I know ...), some canned cranberry sauce and then make a great big Thanksgiving dinner sandwich! Makes me hungry now ...

  3. @ jessica- haha i get the sweet cravings pretty bad ( but i don't have a baby to blame it on! lol!)

    @lisa- that's a good idea- I'll have to try that beacause i CANNOT get enought! I like stove top- I think my mom uses that as a base and then adds a bunch of stuff to it! I'm hungry too just thinking about it!