Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes RECAP & more pics

Hi, everyone!

I'm spending my evening watching any and every Golden Globe red carpet critique show known to man.

Remember the Fashion Wrap Lisa Rinna used to host?
It went away for a while, but now it's back with a new host-Ali Landry (still has Nick Verreos from Project Runway.)
So we've got Fashion Police with Joan, Fashion Fanatics and Fashion Wrap,
not to mention the daily shows recaps like The View, Wendy Williams, etc...
I am in rehash heaven!

Here are some of my thoughts on the actual ceremony...
(For my red carpet picks, click here.)

  • I'm getting a little tired of the Clooney/Pitt shenanigans. We get it- you have a bromance that will live forever. Your friendship is a story for the ages. YAWN. I know Georgie's a "prankster" but I can't help but get the feeling in real life, these two are actually pretty boring. Or maybe just boring to me. I'm over it. I want to see some fresh faces. Give me Peter Dinklage any day! I know his speech was a little awkward and a tad uncomfortable to watch, but at least he's different and interesting.

  • I feel bad for Leo. He always shows up at these things, looking sharp, in a bad mood, and he never wins. Anything. He's almost like wallpaper at this point. A very serious, well paid one.

  • Ricky Gervais. We get it: you're mean. And skinny now. You make fun of celebrities and insult people. Either get some new and funny material or be quiet.

  • How funny was that little ditty Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy sang? That was hilarious. And they sounded good! Who knew either one of them could sing that well? I love people with hidden talents. Actually, I hate them. Mostly because I have no talents, hidden or otherwise. (Unless you consider sarcasm a talent.)

  • I am DYING to see The Artist. I have wanted to see this for a while, but sadly it is playing no where near me. I know it's playing around in San Francisco, but I was hoping it would come a little closer to me, although I did consider trekking into the city just to see it! In my town, we have one theater that shows quirky movies and it's now on their schedule: dates TBD. So I guess it will be coming my way, I just have to wait. And wait. At this rate I'll be the last person in the country to see it.

  • The feud between Elton John and Madonna seems to be getting pretty vicious. You could tell by the look on Elton's face when she won that he was NOT happy! I didn't think she should have won either, but that's probably just because Chris Cornell was nominated and he will get my vote every time.

  • And lastly, shout out to my man, JOEY! He won for best actor in a comedy series!! I don't watch his new show, but I'm so glad for him. I'm happy he's still around and doing well. And he looks pretty good as a silverfox if you ask me!

I usually don't pay that much attention to men's fashion, since it's not that interesting to me, but I couldn't help but notice how great RDJ looked when he was presenting! I loved the tails and the white on white, and the bow tie. Looking good, Sherlock!

(Pic from Just Jared)

So glad Octavia won for The Help, but I would have loved it if Viola Davis won too. She was so subtle and touching in that movie. It was a very powerful performance.

Jane Fonda looked great!

I liked Elle's first dress and then I saw this gold number... I like this look too!

She just wears gowns so well.

Sisters and Besties having fun!

I mentioned Zooey's nails yesterday being painted like tuxedos and here's a pic:

Also, I like the back of her dress a lot better than the front!

Up next: the SAG awards on the 27th!

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  1. i also feel bad for my opinion he is one of the best actors of this time. Charlize Theron looks beautiful

    1. I know- he never wins anything! LOL!