Saturday, January 14, 2012

Go Niners!

Niners beat the Saints!

That game was cray-cray everyone. Almost too intense to watch.

But the boys came through. I think it was because of me.

I went all out with the color coordination.

Red and Tan!

And even J.R. my pillow pet came along to the viewing/pizza party to show his support.

His name is now J.R. Davis in honor of Vernon, my new fave player and MVP.

Next up, they gotta beat the Packers. It's gonna be tough, but they can do it!


Other than that I plan on spending what's left of the weekend trying to tackle the enormous ongoing project of getting my disaster of a room organized and cleaned. I hauled one huge bag of clothes to the thrift store a few weeks ago and I've almost got another one filled.
I really hang on to stuff for too long.
Story of my life.
I'm getting better but it's a process.

I always feel better after I simplify, it's just hard for me in the moment to get rid of things.

My goal is get this done this weekend, by tomorrow. I have put it off long enough.
There will be a lot of coffee in my future.
Speaking of...

I made this New York Crumb Cake to enjoy with a cup of joe.

I've come to realize I'm not that good of a baker.
I can make a few things pretty well, but trying new things doesn't ever really work out or turn out the right way.
I also think I don't really like unsalted butter. Every time I use it I think that.
Is it ok to use salted instead even if the recipe calls for unsalted?
Any great bakers out there with some insight?
Sprinkling the powdered sugar on was the best part- besides licking the beater.
Side note: I made a HUGE mess in my kitchen.

Well I'm off to get prepared for my huge cleaning day tomorrow.
I hope I get it done before the Golden Globes so I can watch without feeling guilty.

I'll be back tomorrow with my picks for best dressed!


  1. Wanted to say thanks for recommending the shins for my trip...I'd never heard of them, then went to listen to their music and FELL IN LOVE! Love their sound. Thanks! =)
    Kristina J.

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you liked what you heard.
      I don't know why , they just popped in my head when I thought about music for traveling.

      Thanks for commenting! :-)