Sunday, January 29, 2012

SAG Awards Red Carpet 2012

Well this was another beautiful red carpet, didn't y'all think?

The best and worst dressed totally flipped from the Golden Globes.

(Almost) everyone of my best dressed from last time is now on my worst dressed!

How did that happen?

At least the Glee girls redeemed themselves... well, some of them.


Viola looked so beautiful. Her makeup was really pretty and this cream color was perfect for her.
I love the texture and interesting details.
Simple and pretty.

I LOVE this dress!! She looks gorge!

The neckline is really cool and I like the hem.
Another beautiful color and I like the details.

Finally- she looks young and fresh. (And a little scandalous- check out that first pic... She is THISCLOSE to a wardrobe malfunction!)

Very simple, but her hair, make up, and skin steal the show.

The train and back make this look.

This is on the verge of too much, but I like the dress.
Playful perfection.
Such a pretty green.
Disclaimer: I hate her hair. But I love the rest of it.


So sad since I loved her at the Golden Globes, but this is not a good look.

Yikes. Who told her this looked good?
If she had worn her hair down and lost the choker, it wouldn't be that bad, but that stupid necklace was skewed the whole time! If was off center and so wrong with that neckline.
I think she can do better.

I love her, but this dress is way too busy (pun intended), too casual, and ill fitting.


Not good, not bad, just kind of blah.
Interesting, but kind of...weird.

Don't really like the overlay.
There's something about this print that I kind of like, but is also sorta ugly.
I can't figure this one out.
I LOVE this from the waist up, but I just don't think it works as pants. If it were a gown things would be different, but the (too long) pants just seem odd.

A little too old looking for her.
I like the clutch, just not sure about the rest of it.

That's it for the red carpet, now time to watch the actual show!


  1. I definitely agree with you on these! I did love Michelle's dress but I hated her shoes!

    See Me Rwar

    1. Ya- i agree- a different color (nude or metallic gold) would have def looked better.