Monday, February 13, 2012

Bafta Awards 2012 Red Carpet

For those of you who don't know what the BAFTA's are, you are missing out.

I become aware of them a few years ago and I have loved seeing the fashion ever since.

These British Oscars have been telecast here in the U.S. a few times before, but it seems to be hit and miss with WHAT network will air them or IF they will.

Some years you can find them, some years you can't.

If you see them playing, tune in- they are a great addition to award season.

First off- the original diva, M.P. herself in a custom Louis Vuitton designed by Marc Jacobs.
I'm impressed.
And jealous.
Kristen Wiig- Much better this time- a vast improvement over the last time we saw her when a piece of leather was strangling her neck.
Feminine and pretty.

Continuing the black and white- I love Michelle William's red lips.

Penelope Cruz- I love her bangs.
Jessica Chastain looking lovely as always.

Neat, Tilda Swinton- different, but not too out there.
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