Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Statement Necklaces

While I DO think there is something beautiful about a small delicate necklace hanging in the hollow of your collar bone, I have to admit there is something so cool about a huge, brightly colored statement necklace.

I recently added two beauties to my collection- in two of my favorite colors.

First up is this awesome neon yellow piece that looks really cool with even the simplest of tops.

And then I also got this amazing hot pink necklace that is interesting all the way around to the clasp.
Don't make me pick which one I like better.
That's just cruel.

Side note: Check out this awesome dress on my niece's Barbie. Isn't it cool?
My star obsession is no secret and check out the cool drop waist and tulle skirt.
Looking good, B, looking good. (We just need to work on your hair, girl.)


  1. Those are great necklaces! I'm a huge fan of the yellow one!

  2. Love! And, I love your bold style.......such great color!

    1. THanks- I love neon (in moderation) :-)