Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Recent Snapshots

A few small things going on in my life recently...

Adding to the owl obsession...

Pinterest inspired wall art done with a ton of help from my S-I-L
(ok, ok, she practically made the whole thing!)
The background is cut up book pages.
Loving this little pic I found in a Warhol book:
(Beauty is shoe, shoe beauty)

The print on a new sweater- my two favorite colors!

Another sweater from Urban Outfitters, I absolutely LOVE the cupcake on it, but the fit was off. Going back to the store, but I had to take a pic first
I scored this awesome mug on clearance @ Starbucks for half price.
I LOVE vespas!
I am also IN LOVE with LINK! Any other Zelda gamers out there?

The new edition is pretty cool- I'm working on my own game, by my little bro had it beat in matter of days. That's why I call him The Wizard.
(If you haven't ever seen this movie- DO IT! It's a classic in my family.)
~Skyward Sword~
Chocolate cupcakes with cream filling and chocolate whipped cream topping.
These were amazing!!! (courtesy of my S-I-L, of course. She's the cupcake wizard!!)


  1. So much creativity and inspiration! Love the owl art. Darling.

    1. Thank you! I plan on doing a night time scene to go with it :-)